Travis Scott Wants To Be Dismissed From Astroworld Lawsuits, As Another Law Firm Seeks $10 Billion In Damages

Travis Scott

Travis Scott Wants To Be Dismissed From Astroworld Lawsuits, As Another Law Firm Seeks $10 Billion In Damages

Travis Scott is drowning in Astroworld lawsuits, but he won’t be getting a raft any time soon.

Houston rapper Travis Scott is in even deeper trouble a month after the Astroworld tragedy. A law firm in Houston–where the festival took place–is reportedly seeking $10 million for its 1,547 clients. Brent Coon, lead attorney and founder of Brent Coon & Associates, has allegedly made it clear that he wants Travis Scott to take full responsibility for his role in the fiasco. In a press release, he reportedly said:

“We will roll over every rock in this matter.”

He continued:

“Everyone associated with these types of events has the power to halt conduct that is resulting in injury to attendees. It has been terribly disappointing that some defendants have already gone public misstating and down-playing their responsibilities that attach to events such as this.”

It was reported yesterday (Dec. 7) that Travis filed a request to be removed from all 11 lawsuits that he’s facing. According to his lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, he will continue to file for dismissal. Travis allegedly denies any wrongdoing associated with the concert.

Brent Coon is reportedly representing the most victims out of all of the lawsuits filed against Travis thus far. A seasoned attorney, Brent has spent the last 35 years working on cases similar to the Astroworld tragedy. In addition to being an attorney, he operated a promotion company for 20 years. Brent allegedly wants consequences and change. He’d like to see the government get involved with large events in the future by consulting with crowd control specialists, requiring training programs, and ensuring criminal liability in tragic scenarios.

Crowd surge stampede expert Dr. G. Keith Still was allegedly brought on board to assist Brent and the rest of his team. Dr. Still will also share his knowledge with public officials to prevent another incident like Astroworld.

The attorneys representing the Astroworld victims have reportedly requested to consolidate all lawsuits to be tried in front of one judge. A hearing for their request is set for Dec. 13.

The Astroworld tragedy killed 10 people–including a 9-year-old boy–and injured hundreds more. Travis Scott and Live Nation Entertainment are facing billions of dollars worth of lawsuits.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya