Race Car Driver Lewis Hamilton’s Fans Rally Around Him Amid Controversial Championship Loss [#IStandWithLewisHamilton]

Lewis Hamilton

Race Car Driver Lewis Hamilton’s Fans Rally Around Him Amid Controversial Championship Loss [#IStandWithLewisHamilton]

It looks like the 2021 racing season won’t be over until Lewis Hamilton’s fans say it’s over.

British racing sensation Lewis Hamilton took the sport by storm during the 2021 season. Yet, he didn’t take home the championship title. Instead, it was Max Verstappen who took home the crown.

Both Lewis Hamilton and the internet feel like the Mercedes racer was robbed of the title. His fans haven’t let up and have worked overtime to start a full-fledged Twitter campaign. Many have been using the hashtag “I Stand With Lewis Hamilton” in support of their favorite racer. As of today (Dec. 14), the hashtag is trending.

One user wrote:

“Lewis has been fighting for us the whole season, and now it’s our turn to fight for him.”

Another called out the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, which serves as the governing body of motorsport:

#IStandWithLewisHamilton To @fia, @F1 and all sporting officials; is this the example you want to set?”

Imagine being that good that the only way you don’t win the championship is if the FIA and Michael Masi STEAL it from you whilst they break their own rules to get a new poster boy. Only one man is champion and his name is Lewis Hamilton. #IStandWithLewisHamilton.”

Lewis is the greatest of all time and you can’t put him in a corner #IStandWithLewisHamilton.”

They tried to break this beautiful soul all year, but in response Lewis unleashed the LION. It took Max 2 sets of new tyres, 2 SCs, Perez & Masi to clear away 5 lapped cars to pass Lewis. They stole his smile with 1 final lap of injustice #IStandWithLewisHamilton #JusticeForLewis.”

NUMBER 1 TRENDING WE DID IT #IStandWithLewisHamilton.”

lando’s post-race interview with sky. self-explanatory. #IStandWithLewisHamilton @fia @f1.”

What happened to Lewis on Sunday was the epitome of unfair play. @MercedesAMGF1 notified their intention to appeal the decision and we want them to proceed with it #IStandWithLewisHamilton #JusticeForLewis.”

and we got a description. you’re done. you’re done. @fia @f1 #IStandWithLewisHamilton.”

People from F1 trying to play this down that keep saying “they should both have the championship” “they both deserved it” and they’re suddenly quiet about everything and trying to move on sounds very suspicious. What a fraud organisation @F1 @fia #IStandWithLewisHamilton.”
Lewis and Max reportedly went head-to-head all season, constantly tying in various categories. In the now-infamous final race, which took place in Abu Dhabi, Max defeated Lewis in the last lap. When he realized that Max had passed him, Lewis was reportedly heard saying over his radio:
“This has been manipulated, man.”

Max Verstappen

The final lap sequence that won Max Verstappen the title has been labeled “unprecedented.” Race director Michael Masi has been accused of changing the rules and protocols to make the championship more interesting.
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Authored by: Roganí Araya