Soulja Boy Banned From Twitch Gaming Platform

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Hit W/ Ban From Twitch Gaming Platform

Soulja Boy just added another “first” to his list.

Southern rapper and part-time gamer Soulja Boy, 30, is notorious for claiming that he was the first person to do just about everything. Now he’s making history for being the first rapper to receive a back-to-back ban on the Twitch live streaming platform.

Yesterday (Dec. 13), Soulja Boy replied to one of the platform’s tweets, simply saying:


He reached out to Twitch support moments later, tweeting:

I need your help my twitch got banned @TwitchSupport.”

The new ban came just days after the “Soulja Girl” rapper was trying to get in contact with Twitch support last Friday (Dec. 10). Around 5 AM, he tweeted:

@TwitchSupport I need your help. DM.”

While the reason for the ban–which originally happened for moments at a time on Dec. 9–is unclear, viewers of his live episode have brainstormed a few ideas.

One suggested that Soulja Boy was banned for saying slurs during the stream. Another claimed that he was hit with a copyright strike after playing samples of his music. Perhaps he was handing out gifts to “subs” through The Game Awards Twitch chat.

Soulja Boy joined the gaming platform in 2018 and has built a lucrative side gig in the gaming industry. The same year he started streaming on Twitch, he debuted a video game console called “SouljaGame Console.” It was heavily criticized for its outrageous marked-up price and striking similarity to another console. Not too long after its release, the console was wiped off the market.

Earlier this year, Soulja Boy re-entered the console ring with “SouljaBoyGame.” The handheld console resembles a modern-day Game Boy; however, it uses the Android system and comes with Netflix, Spotify, and COD. It retails for $199.99.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya