Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Mike Hill Says He Wants A Black Male Version of ‘Living Single,’ Offers To Write The Series

Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Mike Hill Says He Wants A Black Male Version of ‘Living Single,’ Offers To Write The Series

Cynthia Bailey’s husband shed light on an underrepresented group in television and received mixed reviews.

Ex-Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Mike Hill, sparked a Twitter debate when he suggested that black men don’t receive the same attention as black women on the small screen. He asked his followers if a successful black male version of classic sitcoms like Living Single or Girlfriends has ever made it to television:

“We’ve had Living Single, Girlfriends and Insecure…shows about positive black women & their relationships with each other. Has there ever been a good, successful tv show about black men like this? (One that lasted at least 4 seasons?).”

Mike–who’s a host of the Black News Channel Network show Start Your Day With Sharon and Mike–continued to press the matter, demanding answers as to why such a show has never seen the light of day. In his follow-up tweet, he mentioned the new Bounce TV dramedy Johnson, which stars comedian D.L. Hughley and former pro-baller Thomas Jones. The show follows a group of lifelong best friends who share life experiences. Mike wrote:

“Now that I think more about it, and I read some of your responses, this is problematic for me. Now I need to know “why” there hasn’t been one. I do like where that show Johnson is going.”

When followers pointed out Donald Glover’s Fox series Atlanta, a show that chronicles the lives of men navigating the world of southern rap, Mike responded:

“I think Atlanta is brilliant but it’s still not displaying an ensemble of college educated, positive brothers navigating life together & their relationships.”

He continued:

“It it that Hollywood won’t green light these types of shows or will we actually support it?”

He added:

“Once again, this ain’t a knock on any of the black women shows. I love & support them all. This ain’t why them & not us…it’s why not both?? I’m the last person to divide. Don’t you do it.”

Mike’s followers discussed whether shows like the one he described already existed, what his tweet meant for black women in television, and their interpretation of the tweet. One user stated:

“But yall had all the movies Best Man 1-20, The Wood, Why Did I Get Married?, Brothers, The Inkwell, even all the hood movies centered Black Men during that same time you’re referring to. What wasn’t happening in movies for Black Women they took it to TV.”

Another wrote:

“There was one called ‘Between Brothers.’ It starred Kadeem Hardison, Dondre Whitfield, Tommy Davidson, and Kelly Perine. It was pretty good. I too wish that it lasted longer.”

“The shows are being made – Atlanta, Ballers, Rel, Bruh, Grand Crew, Survivors Remorse, Southside, Noah’s Arc, Love Life S2… The problem is Black men don’t watch them lol If BM aren’t spearheading viewership of these shows, you’ll never get a “season 5” Ask where the demand is.”

“You want a show exhibiting complex, multi-dimensional, vulnerable Black men? Is there a market for that? Would Black men watch a show that may hold a mirror to the shadow side of their personalities?”

“Is ‘positive’ code for rich these days? ‘Professional’ means rich. ‘Successful’ means rich. Even ‘good’ is code for rich. Keeps the flat stereotyping capitalist narrative going and ignores reality, diversity, depth and truth. Good. Wall Street thanks you.”

“This is a fascinating question because so many men prioritize their roles as leaders over their friendships so this kind of show wouldn’t pass a focus group.”

“Your unconscious bias is showing with the ‘We’ and ‘Them’. Just say you prefer seeing shows with mainly Black casts centered around Black men and go write these shows you like. ‘Them’ Black women did and WE will support you too. Next time Google and ask $0.50 not Twitter.”

Some of his followers even proposed the idea of Mike writing the show himself. Mike hinted at that being his intent all along:

“From the comments and trying to reach into the back of mind (I got nothing along the lines of what your describing). Why don’t you get in the lab and create something like this?”

“The tweet was actually for research purposes.”

“Well create a show Mike.”

“I think I will.”

Mike Hill is a sports journalist. He married Cynthia Bailey in 2020. Neither will appear in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Mike Hill, Cynthia Bailey

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Authored by: Roganí Araya