Jonathan Majors’ Attorney Accuses NYPD Of Racism & ‘Coaching’ Actor’s Ex Into Giving Domestic Violence Report: ‘We Have Proof That This Is A Complete Lie’


Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors’ Attorney Accuses NYPD Of Racism & ‘Coaching’ Actor’s Ex Into Giving Domestic Violence Report: ‘We Have Proof That This Is A Complete Lie’

Actor Jonathan Majors is continuing to fight his controversial assault charges.

According to Jonathan Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chaudhry, the six white officers responsible for the arrest of her client are guilty of racial profiling.

Jonathan Majors

As previously reported, earlier this year, Jonathan Majors was taken into police custody after his ex-girlfriend, allegedly Grace Jabbari, accused him of attacking her in New York City.

Grace Jabbari, who reportedly alleged that the ‘Creed III’ star strangled and harassed her, was transported to a nearby hospital and provided medical attention for “minor injuries to her head and neck.” However, 33-year-old Majors has adamantly denied all claims.

On Tuesday (Jun. 20), the Hollywood heavy-hitter appeared at a Manhattan courtroom, with his rumored lover, actress Meagan Good, by his side for support.

Jonathan Majors, Meagan Good

In a letter to Judge Rachel S. Pauley, Attorney Priya Chaudhry wrote,

“Ms. Jabbari claims Mr. Majors assaulted her in a car in Chinatown around 12:00 a.m. on March 25, 2023, and during this incident, Mr. Majors broke her finger and lacerated her ear. We have proof that this is a complete lie.”

In the evidence, Majors’ legal representative, Chaudhry, expressed to the judge that it was “suggested” that Grace Jabbari’s “bruises” stemmed from a fall inside of Majors’ penthouse due to her being under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills.

She also alluded that body-cam footage showed Jabbari repeatedly saying she “didn’t know” how she developed the wounds to paramedics and officials on the scene of the occurrence.

Additionally, Chaudhry recalled NYPD’s head cop “coaching Ms. Jabbari to accuse Mr. Majors of assault,” which she alluded was done under “racist” pretense.

Jonathan Majors

The agent added in her statement:

“Even though Ms. Jabbari admitted to drinking to the point of throwing up, taking sleeping pills, and having no idea how she woke up in a closet with a cut on her head and [an] injured finger, the police jumped to the conclusion that Mr. Major (the young, tall, strong, rich, Black man) must have ‘done this’ to Ms. Jabbari.”

When asked about Majors’ current feelings about the public scrutiny that he’s received since the incident, Chaudhry explained that the California native is having a difficult time processing it all.

She detailed,

“He’s heartbroken. He’s watching his career dangle in the wind. He wants this to go to trial yesterday.”

Majors’ trial is scheduled for August 3.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell