Tami Roman Grills ‘Real World’ Castmates For Using The ‘N-word’: The Word ‘N***er’ Shouldn’t Come Out Yo’ White A** Mouth!

Tami Roman

Tami Roman Grills ‘Real World’ Castmates For Using The ‘N-word’: The Word ‘N***er’ Shouldn’t Come Out Yo’ White A** Mouth!

Things just got real on The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles.

Reality TV veteran Tami Roman got into a heated debate about racial slurs with her Real World housemates. Glen Naessens, who starred in the second season of the original MTV series, chimed in on a conversation about inequality with a story. He began:

“The first time I’ve really felt what you’re passionate about was when I was with my friend John, and I went to a pizza place. And they called him a n***er.”

Tami was standing in the doorway during his retelling of the scenario, and she immediately corrected him:

“You don’t say it though.”

Glen quickly interjected:

“That’s what he was called. They called him that, they called me that.”

Tami responded:

“But I just don’t think you should say it out of your mouth…I’m saying that you can say, ‘he was called the n-word.’ You shouldn’t feel comfortable saying that.”

Glen was adamant that he was simply quoting the people described in the story. He also insisted that those people were calling him the same racial slur and that Tami “didn’t understand friendship.” Tami still wasn’t having it and said:

“They weren’t calling you that. You don’t understand what I’m saying to you that the word ‘n***er’ shouldn’t come out yo’ white a** mouth!” 

The situation escalated when Latina cast member Irene Berrera stated:

“You have no idea what it is to be a n***er, okay? Do not ever say that!”

Tami reminded her:

“You don’t say it either ’cause you Latina.”

Housemate Jon Brennan added more fuel to the fire when he mentioned that he ministered “black colored people” at his church in Alabama. When Tami scolded him, his excuse for being comfortable with using the phrase was that the black people “don’t mind” and “call themselves words that [he doesn’t] repeat.”

Seven of the original nine strangers who appeared on the show in 1993 returned to their Los Angeles home for a spin-off series in 2021, which airs on the Paramount+ streaming platform

The second season of The Real World began with Tami Roman–who went on to star in Basketball WivesIrene Berrera, Jon Brennan, David Edwards, Dominic Griffin, Beth Stolarczyk, and Aaron Behle. Glen Naessens and Beth Anthony joined the cast after David Edwards and Irene Berrera exited the house. One of MTV’s greatest hits, the show is credited for pioneering reality TV and shedding light on issues like sexual orientation, abortion, and race.

Tami does reviews of episodes of the new series on her YouTube channel.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya