Reginae Carter Confirms Breast Implants + Says She’s ‘Focused’ On ‘Relationship’ W/ & YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter Confirms Breast Implants + Says She’s ‘Focused’ On ‘Relationship’ W/ & YFN Lucci

Reginae Carter is clearing the air! The reality star and daughter of rapper Lil Wayne and entrepreneur Toya Johnson has confirmed rumors that she got breast implants.

Speculation that Reginae Carter underwent the surgery sparked after she shared revealing content on Instagram.


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Wendy Williams discussed the speculation on her show Friday (Nov. 6th) and said:

“I say it could be a really good push-up bra. You know how they embellish the pictures, so you never know. I just gave her an excuse, there you go.”

Reginae Carter was tuning in to the show and called in to share her side:

“Let me set the record straight. I did. I did get breast implants… I wanted it to all look natural looking. I’ve been wanting to get breast implants since I was 16. My mom was like ‘Girl no! You don’t need…’ As soon as I got my own, I’m like ‘I’ma get my breast implants.'”

She also spoke on her previous advice for fans to accept their natural bodies.

“I feel like I said ‘Accept your body for the way it is’ and the way it is right now is some breast implants and I’m accepting my body for the way it is. I’m 21 so it’s a lot of things that I said that I’m gonna go back on. A lot of things that I said I’m not gonna do, I’m gonna do. I’m growing and everybody’s growing with me.”

As for speculation that she and her on-again-off-again boyfriend YFN Lucci have rekindled their relationship she said:

“We are working on strengthening up our friendship before anything because that’s what we lacked at the beginning. Right now we’re just working on our friendship and we’re creating a deeper bond…”

She added:

“I’m 21, about to be 22, I’m not worried about having no kids no sometime soon. I’m focused on me, and my relationship with YFN Lucci. So, that’s my focus.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson