Supa Cent Reveals Butt Reconstruction Results, Says It Will Be Her Last Surgery: Best Decision I’ve Made And This Is My Last Modification

Supa Cent Boasts Buttocks Reconstruction Results, Reveals It Will Be Her Last Surgery: Best Decision I’ve Made And This Is My Last Modification

Supa Cent gives her followers an update on her most recent cosmetic surgery.

Entrepreneur and social media influencer Raynell “Supa Cent” Steward shared a candid Instagram post about her recent buttocks reconstruction procedure. In the lengthy caption, she explained how receiving liposuction gave her backside a “shelf,” which made her self-conscious.

The entrepreneur wrote:

“In 2020 I had a breast and back lift in DR. The doctor lipoed my back so far down that it gave me a shelf at the top of my Butt. I absolutely hated it and was very insecure about it.”

She also stated that her derrière had become too large:

“Not only did I hate my shelf but that surgery left my butt looking boxy. I use to ask to get my butt edited on photos so it would look smaller. because it was too damn big.”

While this nip and tuck wasn’t her first cosmetic surgery, Supa claimed that it would be her “last modification.” In the video that went along with the caption, she proudly showed off her results and said that the reduction was the “best decision [she’s] made.”

Most of Supa’s followers have appreciated her openness in terms of her experience with plastic surgery. Others have used it against her.

“The shelf looks good on her but her body her choice.”

“That’s why y’all need to stop wasting y’all money on these surgeries…”

“who asked for that information.”

“The thing about it is tho this is not gonna be her last surgery. I feel like the thing about surgery is once you get it you gonna always need it again because time and gravity but that may be just me.”

How bout lets make working out popular instead of damn near dying on a table or getting botched. I see so many videos of people not liking their post surgery results.”

“But why are ppl who got money going out the country to get plastic surgery???”

“Why all of these celebrities always altering their bodies.”

“Love the honesty.”

“I agree. It will be a constant search for perfection.”

“Love her transparency.”

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Authored by: Roganí Araya