Cardi B & Saweetie Wanted To Be On ‘The Proud Family’ Reboot

Cardi B & Saweetie Wanted To Be On ‘The Proud Family’ Reboot

Look likes some of our favorites celebrities wanted in on the iconic “The Proud Family” reboot series.

Show creators of the newly released Disney+ show “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” say that many stars reached out to them after the announcing the reboot was in the making, including two of hip-hops leading ladies Cardi B and Saweetie.

It’s been two decades since Penny Proud and the Proud family made their debut premiere on The Disney Channel. Being a network classic, fans were excited when the reboot featuring voices from the original cast was announced – some of those fans also being big name stars today.

Show creators Bruce W Smith and Ralph Farquhar said in a recent interview that not only did no celebrities reject their invitation to be part of the show, they actually had many stars reach out to them wanting to be included in the project due to the shows iconic reputation.

Speaking to his co-creator, Bruce W Smith said:

“Remember when Cardi B called us?

Cardi B

He continued:

We couldn’t work it in her schedule. Saweetie reached out to us via the hood. There’s hood reps as well who will contact me and say, ‘Hey man, this is Sweetie’s people.’ They said, ‘Call if you wanna her to be on the show?'”


Smith goes on to mention that 32-year-old rapper Tyga was in talks to be on the show as well, however it seems that a deal wasn’t reached with Farquhar adding:

“Tell Tyga we’re working on it.”


Farquhar also stated:

“The good thing is that from the very inception of the show folks just wanted to do this show even before anyone saw a frame of anything and that thankfully continued into ‘Louder and Prouder.'” 

The series has new episodes dropping on Disney+ on Wednesdays and will feature celebrities such as Keke Palmer, Lil Nas X, Tiffany Haddish, Lizzo, and Tina Knowles.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson