‘Swarm’ Actress Dominique Fishback Reveals That She Was Initially Offered The Role Of Chloe Bailey’s Character In The Series But Declined The Part: ‘I Had To Get Out Of My Own Way’

‘Swarm’ Actress Dominique Fishback Reveals That She Was Initially Offered The Role Of Chloe Bailey’s Character In The Series But Declined The Part: ‘I Had To Get Out Of My Own Way’

‘Swarm’ star Dominique Fishback took a major bet on herself when it came to becoming ‘Dre,’ the internet’s newest, talked-about TV villain!

In a recent interview, Dominique Fishback opened up about her role in the Amazon Prime Video series and how the controversial portrayal was a step outside of her comfort zone.

Dominique Fishback

Reportedly, ‘Swarm’ creator Donald Glover (‘Atlanta’) began eyeing Dominique Fishback for a part in the streaming sensation shortly after seeing her in the 2021 crime film ‘Judas and the Black Messiah.’

In the blockbuster, Fishback took on the character of Deborah Johnson, the girlfriend of Black Panther chairman Fred Hampton.

Upon noticing the 31-year-old’s on-screen talent, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) initially offered Fishback the opportunity to play ‘Swarm’ main character Dre’s sidekick, Marissa, which now belongs to singer/actress Chloe Bailey.

Chloe Bailey

However, Fishback (seemingly) turned down the chance to channel Marissa due to wanting to level up and act “outside of the box” that she has normally put herself in… in Hollywood.

When asked about the process of morphing into the savagely-crafted Dre (an overly-obsessed fan of a popstar who’s loosely based on Beyoncé), the New York native told the interviewer,

“I’m used to being a character that’s loved or easy-to-life, and, no lie, you get comfortable with that — I like that! But I had to get out of my own way in order to be the artist, the actor, that I came here to be.”

But… for the show’s inventor, Donald Glover, Fishback’s refusal to settle for Marissa came as a shocker.

Donald Glover

He detailed,

“I was like, ‘You want to play the murderer? Uh, really? [Dominique] felt very sweet, like someone you wanted to take care of, but she wanted to do the opposite.”

The 39-year-old rapper/producer added to that by expressing his willingness to let Fishback color outside of the lines of her career and challenge herself.

Glover concluded:

“I completely understand even in my own career. She wanted to branch out, and I was excited to allow her to do that.”

Dominique Fishback

Making its debut on Friday (Mar. 17), ‘Swarm’ is a psychological horror drama that follows stan Andrea “Dre” Greene and her unhealthy infatuation with a fictional music artist by the name of Ni’Jah.

Proudly wearing the badge as a member of Ni’Jah’s fandom ‘The Swarm,’ it isn’t long before Dre’s fascination with the phenomenon evolves into murder, madness, and mayhem. Along with Glover, ‘Swarm’ was also created by producer Janine Nabers.

Amid its premiere, social media went into a frenzy after Chloe Bailey’s sex scene with ‘Snowfall’ actor Damson Idris hit the timelines.

Damson Idris

Many spoke out against the condemnation surrounding the intimate interaction, which alluded that it could possibly ruin Chloe Bailey’s good-girl image.

A Twitter user said,

“Its SO annoying the way ppl are constantly trying to tear down Chloe Bailey. U realize its acting & they’re not actually having sex? Who is that u want in the sex scene w Damson Idris then? Chloe is super talented. People just search for a reason to judge a woman’s worth.”

Another woman added,

“All of y’all that’s judging Chloe Bailey really need to s*fu. She was ACTING! Oh but it’s fine for the actresses in ‘Players Club,’ ‘Baby Boy,’ ‘Power’ and the list can go on! And of course y’all coming for her but no one is saying [anything] to Damson Idris who was ALSO nude. Y’all are weirdos.”

(click here to see the controversial clip)

Days later, ‘Swarm’ is still the topic of discussion online, with mixed reviews rising the viewer rate.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell