Cardi B Asks Judge For Permanent Injunction To Ban Tasha K From Reposting Defamatory Videos About Her

Cardi B Asks Judge For Permanent Injunction To Ban Tasha K From Reposting Defamatory Videos About Her

Cardi B is not quite satisfied with her $4 million win.

According to reports, the “Money” rapper recently submitted a motion to the federal court judge, asking for a permanent injunction on Youtuber Tasha K to ban her from reposting “harmful and disgusting lies” about her.

Cardi B

In late January, a court judge found 38-year-old Youtube personality Latasha Kebe (Tasha K) guilty of libel for making false accusations against hip-hop artist Cardi B. In her videos, Tasha K reported that the 29-year-old rapper contracted herpes, was unfaithful to her husband, and used cocaine among other things. While Cardi continuously denied the accusations and asked the Youtube star to remove the false stories from her popular channel, Tasha K refused. Forcing the matter into court, and resulting in a loss of $4 million after she was found guilty of libel in the court of law.

Now, the rap artist is reportedly asking a federal court judge to put a permanent injunction on Tasha K, as her lawyers say it is the only way to force the Youtuber to remove the defamatory videos and keep her from reposting them.

According to reports, the legal document reads:

“Plaintiff filed this action because defendants refused to stop targeting her with harmful and disgusting lies. Damages alone are inadequate to address the constant ongoing threat of defendants repeating the defamatory statements [and] defendants have explicitly said that they will continue publishing the defamatory statements unless an injunction is issued.”

Reportedly, Tasha K stated multiple times during the initial defamation trial that should would not permanently remove the videos about Cardi unless a court judge ordered her to.

It’s speculated that Tasha K’s lawyers will file an appeal to the injunction, claiming it violates her First Amendment rights, and that Cardi’s team will respond that the Youtube star does not have a constitutional right to “false and defamatory speech” – and that the injunction would be “narrowly tailored” only covering only the false statements referenced in the libel case.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson