J.J. Fad Calls Out Disney+ For Using “Supersonic” Inspired Song On New Show

J.J. Fad

80’s Group J.J. Fad Calls Out Disney+ For Using “Supersonic” Inspired Song On New Show

J.J. Fad wants answers from Disney+ and music producers for song in new series called Rise Up, Sing Out.

The trio, collectively known as J.J. Fad, consists of members MC JB, Baby D and Sassy C. Signed to Eazy-E in the 1980’s, the group is also known as the First Ladies of Ruthless Records. In 1988, J.J. Fad made their imprint in the hip hop scene with Grammy nominated platinum-selling single “Supersonic” and debut album of the same name. Today, the trio is still touring across the world and are given their flowers for their success in hip hop.

J.J. Fad

However, it appears as if Disney+ doesn’t have the same energy with the group. On February 2, Disney+ aired its new animated series called Rise Up, Sing Out, a show dedicated to the African-American community surrounding conversations on

“race, culture, community and celebrating differences.”

On March 5, J.J. Fad took to their official Twitter account to share a video that was brought to their attention. The video showed a little girl in her bonnet happily dancing to a song called “Super Bonnet,” which sounds oddly similar and inspired by “Supersonic.” The group is now asking Disney+ and music producers to do the right thing.

1/3 of the group, JB, made it clear to HipHopDX that it was important that the group are at least credited for the song. She says,

“In our community, representation matters to our African-American families and their youth. We were so thrilled to learn that Disney+ had dedicated a show to the African-American community Rise Up, Sing Out. When it was brought to our attention by our friends and fans with congratulatory praises that there was a song entitled ‘Super-Bonnet’ that was pretty much the style and cadence of ‘Supersonic,’ we had mixed emotions.” 

She continued,

“On one hand, we were so thrilled that Questlove and the Disney Creatives thought enough of our song to do a super cute little interpolation of our song, but on the other hand, we were puzzled as to why we weren’t contacted for clearance and compensation prior to its airing.”


JB admitted that she was surprised Questlove never reached out, who undoubtedly knows the song “Supersonic.”

“While we have the utmost respect for Questlove and consider him our peer, it was heartbreaking that he along with the creatives at Disney would not consider the fact that while representation is being shown outwardly on television, representation and respect for Black female artists is not being considered behind the scenes. We have worked so hard over 30+ years to make sure our legacy is being respected and just want everyone else to respect it as well,” she added. 

Do you think Disney+ will resolve this matter with credit or compensation for the group? Let us know in the comments!


Authored by: Ariel Whitely