R. Kelly Allegedly Sings To Young Fan Over The Phone While Behind Bars

R. Kelly

R. Kelly Allegedly Sings To Young Fan Over The Phone While Behind Bars

It looks like R. Kelly isn’t letting jail keep him from serenading his fans.

A video was recently shared to TikTok of what appears to be an incarcerated R. Kelly, 55, singing to a fan over the phone. According to the young woman, her father “goes to the same prison” as the R&B singer and that’s how she was able to secure the impromptu singing phone call. At the beginning of the short video, the TikToker asked R. Kelly,

“Can you sing a song for me?”

A man, that is allegedly R. Kelly, answered, “which one” and the woman replied,

“‘Love Letter.’”

Initially, the alleged R. Kelly seemed a little reluctant to sing the requested tune, however, after the young lady started the song off he quickly joined in and sang a few lines for his fan.

The video has since gained close to 100K views on the video app and has been shared numerous times on other social media platforms as well. The TikToker uploaded a response video earlier today (March 23) and shared more details surrounding the situation. She said,

“On Friday I went to go visit my dad [in prison]. They had just opened visitation after having it closed for a while cause of COVID regulations and stuff. And when I went to go see my dad I saw R. Kelly too.”

She continued,

“When I got home my daddy called me just to make sure I came home safe and when I was talking to him I was like ‘You know I’m telling everybody that I met R. Kelly today?’ And he laughs and he was like ‘hey, do you wanna speak to him because I’m with him right now.’”

She added

“And I got [R. Kelly] on the phone and so I just asked him if he could sing for me.”

The woman then clarified that R. Kelly didn’t sing for her for money or commissary but “he’s just a really nice dude.” She added that she might be taking the original video down soon because she doesn’t want to “disrespect anybody’s family” or “get into legal trouble.”


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Multiple people have shared their mixed reactions to the short concert in the comment section of the original video.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel