Tyrese Says R. Kelly Sent Him Condolences From Jail: He’s The R&B King! 

Tyrese, R. Kelly

Tyrese Says R. Kelly Sent Him Condolences From Jail: He’s The R&B King!

It looks like R. Kelly isn’t letting jail keep him from sending messages to his friend, Tyrese.

Entertainer Tyrese, 43, often uses his Instagram as a way to give his fans a behind-the-scenes look into his life. The “ Baby Boy” actor has previously shared via his social media account details surrounding his dating life, career, and the unfortunate passing of his mother. On February 19, Tyrese revealed in a heartfelt post on IG that his mother had died. In part, he wrote,

“My mother is resting and now Valentines Day will never be the same….

I’m jealous of God cause he called my mother home and now she’s HIS sweet Valentine….

Take care of my mother Father God,
Your son did the very best I could to love my mother while she was 64 years young and earthly – ”

Yesterday (March 11) Tyrese let his 15.3 million IG followers know that 55-year-old R. Kelly, who is currently incarcerated and awaiting sentencing after being found guilty for multiple crimes including racketeering, sent him an uplifting message in relation to his mother’s passing.

Tyrese shared a screenshot of the alleged message and captioned his post,

“Yup….. just broke down in my trailer took me 45 mins to recover love you Kellz d*mn he is on the inside and still took time to get Condolences out to me and my family…Love you Kellz……. No comments needed…..”

He added,

“Selfishly I wish they could sneak a protools rig and a mic in your jail cell so that you can unload all of those ideas cause I know you don’t write all of your hits have been freestyled off the top…… But that’s just me…. R&B King!”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel