Deion Sanders Calls Out 10 NFL Teams For Not Showing Up To Jackson State’s HBCU Pro Day [VIDEO]

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Calls Out 10 NFL Teams For Not Showing Up To Jackson State’s HBCU Pro Day [VIDEO]

Former NFL player Deion Sanders, now head coach for the Jackson State University Tigers, is not one to let things go lightly. Following the selection of no HBCU players in the 2021 NFL Draft, coach Deion Sanders took to Instagram to call out 10 individual teams for not sending their scouts to Jackson State’s pro day in Mississippi this week. Two dozen NFL teams showed up to Jackson State as they prepared for the 2022 NFL Draft in April, however, 10 teams didn’t show up.

Deion Sanders, two-time Super Bowl champion, has now put those 10 teams on blast for not attending the pro day on Monday (March 21), which consisted of players from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) such as Mississippi Valley State and Alcorn State.

Deion Sanders

In a video shared on his Instagram on Tuesday (March 22), the 54 year-old head coach can be heard sticking up for current and future HBCU players. Coach Sanders says,

“Yesterday was phenomenal, I mean flat out phenomenal, all the kids that participated on pro day, hat’s off to you.” He states, “Twenty-four teams came to witness our kids yesterday in its entirety, and I appreciate you.”

“But, there’s 32 teams in this Crayola box,” he continued, listing off the NFL teams that did not send out scouts. “Therefore, the Dolphins, the Broncos, the Texans, the Bills, the Buccaneers, the Ravens, the Panthers, the Browns, the Vikings, and the Eagles, where art thou? You could have sent somebody man. You could have shown up just a little bit.”

Listen to the entire clip below.

According to reports, Sanders notes that he plans on using his stature to bring in high-level talent who might otherwise show up to a more prominent and high-profile university.

“I guarantee you that you’re going to go to Mississippi State, and Ole Miss,” Sanders mentioned in his video, referencing two of the larger and more talented universities in the state. “I guarantee you, you’re going to show up there.”

Sanders became head coach for the Jackson State Tigers football team in 2020, and since then has made it his goal to push for more academic resources, access to equipment and equality for HBCU’s and athletes across the country.

“This is a calling I had to answer,” he told People. “I want to level the playing field, so these kids have the same resources and opportunities.”

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely