Rihanna Doppelganger, Equipped With Fake Baby Bump And All, Stirs Fan Craze In Brazil [VIDEO]

Rihanna, Fake Rihanna

Rihanna Doppelganger, Equipped With Fake Baby Bump And All, Stirs Fan Craze In Brazil [VIDEO]

This celebrity look-alike has fans seeing double!

While walking down the streets of Brazil, a convincing Rihanna imitator had fans thirsting for pictures and videos with the artist. Many seeming to believe the imposter was indeed one of their favorite celebs.


Certified bad gal’ and superstar Rihanna shocked fans worldwide when the singer revealed she was expecting a baby with her rapper boyfriend A$AP Rocky. The Barbados native managed to keep her growing bump underwraps for some time, but now that it’s out, everyone wants in on the story. Including a Rihanna look-alike, who is out and about posing as the pregnant star.

Rihanna, A$AP Rocky

Recently captured on video, the impersonator is seen talking to press in full Portuguese and taking photos with unsuspecting fans. The trickster was surrounded by bodyguard detail, and clearly commanded enough attention to convince people it truly was the “Needed Me” artist.

In another video, one fan can be seen crying as she meets the fake celeb, rubbing and kissing her belly bump.

However Rihanna fans on social media trolled the crazed fans for believing the imposter. Criticising the stunt for being “weird” and pointing out their clear differences:

Reportedly, the imposters name is Priscila Beatrice who often attracts crowds for her daunting resemblance to the “Diamonds” singer. Allegedly the whole debacle was part of a Brazilian TV prank.

Did you think Priscilla could pass for Rihanna? Are you getting weird vibes from the situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Authored by: Kay Johnson