Drew Sidora’s Assistant Allegedly Spread Gay Rumors About Her Husband & Claims Shereé Whitfield Never Paid Him When He Worked For Her 

Drew Sidora’s Assistant Allegedly Spread Gay Rumors About Her Husband & Claims Shereé Whitfield Never Paid Him When He Worked For Her

Things are quickly heating up on season 14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta!

Drew Sidora’s assistant Anthony is causing a lot of issues for some of the RHOA ladies after he has allegedly spread some disparaging rumors about both Sidora, 37, and fellow cast member, Shereé Whitfield, 52. During Sunday (May 16) night’s episode, it was revealed that Drew Sidora’s assistant allegedly spread a rumor that her husband, Ralph Pittman, is gay.

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The drama started when Drew Sidora revealed that her assistant, Anthony, claims that Shereé Whitfield did not pay him when he was once her assistant. The two ladies ended up confronting each other over the nasty allegation while attending a birthday party for Kenya Moore’s daughter, Brooklyn.


When Drew Sidora brought up that her assistant Anthony said Shereé Whitfield didn’t pay him, Shereé denied that Anthony was ever her assistant and told Drew to shut up so she could talk. Shereé continued,

“Are you that desperate that you need an assistant that is going to talk about all your friends?”

While the two ladies were going back and forth, Shereé’s friend Fatum interjected and spilled some tea of her own. In defense of Shereé, Fatum said,

“Isn’t [Anthony] the same guy who told you [Shereé] her husband is gay?”

Shereé seemingly avoided the question by looking down while a confused Drew then demanded clarity from Fatum. Fatum continued,

“She didn’t want to hire [Anthony] because he’s talking about you and he said that your husband his gay and all of that.”

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Drew Sidora forcefully replied,

“What we’re not gonna do is ever bring up my husband’s name in that light because I just met you. And what you’re not gonna do is ever speak on my husband. That’s what we’re not gonna do! This is not the place to ever do that.”

While the ladies continued to duke it out, Shereé Whitfield — who claimed that Anthony never worked for her — proceeded to call Sidora a “ditzy b**ch” for addressing the subject at Kenya Moore’s tea party-themed event for Brooklyn. Drew responded,

“Did you just call me a ditzy bitch?” 

Sheree Whitfield

Shereé quickly replied,

I did, b**ch”

Drew and Sheree continued to bicker and got in each other’s face before they were separated.

Unfortunately, the drama didn’t stop there! The ladies took the madness to social media and had a few words for each other after the episode premiered. It appears Drew Sidora threw the first insult when she tweeted,

“If you can’t distinguish Spring, Summer, and September, you probably can’t keep your payroll straight.”

Shereé Whitfield then clapped back and said,

“Just like you can’t keep your marriage straight.” 

Shereé then threw another dig and wrote,

“Instead of paying 3 assistants when you aren’t working, you should invest that in a REAL marriage counselor.”

The ladies continued to duke it out on Twitter.

It looks like we have our first official feud for the season!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole