Update: Peter Thomas Plans To Fight DUI Charge, Claims Field Sobriety Test Was Flawed: ‘I Will Be 1000% Vindicated’

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Update: Peter Thomas Plans To Fight DUI Charge, Claims Field Sobriety Test Was Flawed: ‘I Will Be 1000% Vindicated’

Update: (Jan. 16, 2024): Peter Thomas plans to fight his recent DUI charge.

The “RHOA” alum shared with RadarOnline that the field sobriety test he was given was (allegedly) flawed. He continued,

“So, it’s going to go to court and without a doubt, I will be 1000 percent vindicated. I’ll get a ticket for running a red light and I’m OK with that.”

As you may recall, last week Peter was pulled over by Atlanta PD for allegedly driving erratically and running through a red light. Authorities claimed Peter had “watery, glassy, and bloodshot eyes” and they could smell a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage.” They also noted he was driving with expired tags, driving without a license, and had no proof of insurance.

However, Peter has an explanation for what went down that day. He said,

“I definitely was swerving because I was looking at my phone to find out where I was in Smyrna – I don’t go to that side of the world, and he pulled me over. He had all the rights to pull me over, OK.”

In addition, he claimed that his insurance was valid and that the arresting officer wrongfully dismissed his valid Florida driver’s license because it didn’t list his Georgia residence.

Peter is due back in court in March.

Original Story: (Jan. 12, 2024): Celebrity entrepreneur Peter Thomas recently spoke out following his run-in with the law.

The 63-year-old acquitted himself of any wrongdoing following news of his Tuesday (January 9th) arrest going public.

According to reports, Atlanta police officers spotted Peter Thomas driving erratically on the day of his arrest and began following him. Within minutes, the ex-husband of “RHOA” alum Cynthia Bailey reportedly ran a stop light, prompting the cops to pull him over. Authorities reported there was “a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage,” and added that the former TV star had “watery, glassy, and bloodshot eyes.” After a few field sobriety tests, they determined Thomas was under the influence and took him to the Cobb Adult Detention Center for booking. However, the jailhouse reportedly denied him due to his high blood pressure, so police took him to the hospital where he stayed overnight.

The following day, an arrest warrant was put out against Thomas, and he was formally charged with several misdemeanors; including driving under the influence of alcohol, driving with expired tags, driving without a license, no proof of insurance, failure to maintain lane, and violation of a traffic control device. He reportedly spent just a few hours behind bars before posting his $3,000 bail later that day.

Peter Thomas

Since news of his arrest went public, Thomas opted to tap in with internet users in an attempt to clear his name. Declaring his innocence, he stated in a video:

“My phone’s blowing up…everybody’s calling me, I’m wondering what’s going on. And then I realized this DUI thing that happened…Wednesday. I refused to blow.”

He continued:

“I spent the night in a hospital because my blood pressure was so high…They told me I had to turn myself…in because there was gonna be a warrant, and so I did so.”

Thomas went on to confirm that he bailed himself out quickly and thanked Cobb County for being “hospitable.” The Bravo alum doubled down on claims that he wasn’t drunk, sharing that he previously lost a sibling to a drunk driving incident. He stated:

“All the years I’ve been in this game I’ve never been arrested for DUI. I’m mindful about that. I got a little brother that got killed because of a drunk driver so I’m extremely mindful about that.”

Peter Thomas

Though he may have never been caught up for a DUI previously, Thomas is regularly in trouble due to his business and financial decisions. Recently, the restaurant owner has been embroiled in ongoing lawsuits over alleged rent debt and has previously been called out by employees for failing to pay owed wages. Back in 2019, he was even detained briefly over fraud-related charges. If you recall, the media personality was accused of intentionally writing bad checks, though he claimed to be innocent in that case as well.

In regards to his recent DUI, however, it’s also noted that he initially agreed to do a blood test, but ultimately changed his mind. A judge has reportedly set strict restrictions on Thomas as he awaits his court date for the charges. Reportedly, he is prevented from consuming alcohol, marijuana, and other cannabis products or drugs. Additionally, he is required to submit to random alcohol and drug tests for the time being and is prohibited from having any firearms.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson