Wendy Williams Does Not Agree With Having Court-Appointed Financial Guardian Over Her Finances

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Does Not Agree With Having Court-Appointed Financial Guardian Over Her Finances

Wendy Williams is not here for a court-appointed financial guardian overseeing her finances.

The move comes as Wendy Williams battles it out with Wells Fargo, who previously froze all her assets against her will. The accounts, which reportedly contain millions of dollars, were locked in January. Reportedly, the bank froze the accounts due to suspicion that the talk show host is suffering from

“financial exploitation, dementia or undue influence.”

While Wendy Williams does not agree, the court-appointed guardian means the battle with Wells Fargo to unfreeze her bank accounts is officially complete. The financial guardian, along with Williams and the courts, will now be in charge of determining how she will access her funds.

wendy williams

An insider previously shared,

“The guardianship process is complete, which means the court appointed a financial guardian. Now it’s up to the guardian, Wendy and the court as to how she will be accessing her money.”

But according to her Williams‘ attorney La’Shawn Thomas,

“Please be advised that Wendy is not in agreement with the appointment of a financial guardian by the court. Wendy has been very clear that she does not want a financial guardian to tell her what she can and cannot do with her money.”

Williams believes she is capable of recruiting her own team to work for her instead of the court, he added. While it’s unknown at this time how much money Williams has in the bank, in a previous interview with rapper Fat Joe, she shared that she only had $2 to her name. During an Instagram Live conversation, she said,

“I know what kind of money I have. Unfortunately, I only have $2 and nothing else. Everything is frozen and some people are involved with this and so that’s what I’m doing right now.” 

Wendy Williams, Fat Joe

Wendy Williams, Fat Joe

As previously reported, Williams has been out of work for months due to a number of health issues, but she appears to be on the mend. She is reportedly no longer reliant on a wheelchair and is now hoping to return to work.

The Wendy Williams Show will also end after the current season. Williams hasn’t hosted the program since July 2021 due to health issues, including Graves disease and the coronavirus, being temporarily replaced by guest hosts.

Sherri Shepherd, a former co-host on The View, will take Williams‘ place in the fall with a show named “Sherri.” Sherri Shepherd has expressed hope that Williams will appear on the show.

Williams‘ financial guardian’s name has not been made public as of yet.

Do you believe the judge made the right decision appointing Wendy Williams a financial guardian? Let us know in the comments!

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