Wendy Williams Will ‘Soon Have Access To Her Millions’ After Court Appoints Financial Guardian & Ends Feud W/ Wells Fargo

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Will ‘Soon Have Access To Her Millions’ After Court Appoints Financial Guardian & Ends Feud W/ Wells Fargo

It looks like Wendy Williams will soon be able to access her millions of dollars once again!

According to reports, the talk show host’s battle with Wells Fargo to unfreeze her bank accounts is finally over after a New York judge appointed a financial guardian to oversee her finances. An insider shared,

“The guardianship process is complete, which means the court appointed a financial guardian. Now it’s up to the guardian, Wendy and the court as to how she will be accessing her money.”

Another source added,

“The court can eventually decide to give Wendy back full control over her accounts and end the guardianship- but that is up to the court.”

Wendy Williams, 57, is said to “still have a voice” concerning her finances, and while “she doesn’t have 100% control right now,” that could all change depending on what the court decides.

Reportedly, Wells Fargo is no longer involved in the court proceedings, and the bank will be acting at the direction of Wendy Williams and her appointed guardian. In addition to that, other sources claim that there was a temporary guardian in place since at least March, however, it is unclear if the official unnamed court-appointed financial guardian, is the same person.

As previously reported, news broke earlier this year that Wendy Williams’ banking accounts had been frozen against her well. The accounts, which reportedly contain millions of dollars, were locked by Wells Fargo in January. Reportedly, the bank froze the accounts due to suspicion that the talk show host is suffering from

“financial exploitation, dementia or undue influence.”

According to court documents exclusively obtained by theJasmineBRAND, in response to not having access to her accounts, Wendy Williams filed a lawsuit against Wells Fargo and argued that their decision to freeze her account caused her,

“imminent and irreparable financial damage.”

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In separate court documents, Williams revealed how she tried to handle the pressing issue outside of court. She wrote,

“I have submitted multiple written requests to Wells Fargo and I have visited various Wells Fargo branches in the South Florida area in an effort to resolve this matter outside of the courtroom.”

She added,

“I have defaulted and I am at risk of defaulting on several billing and financial obligations, including, but not limited to, mortgage payments and employee payroll.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel