Regé-Jean Page Says ‘Bridgerton’ Shouldn’t Hesitate To Recast His Role: They’re Free To Do As They Like

Regé-Jean Page

Regé-Jean Page Says ‘Bridgerton’ Shouldn’t Hesitate To Recast His Role: They’re Free To Do As They Like

Regé-Jean Page has put ‘Bridgerton’ in the past. 

In a recent interview, Regé-Jean Page shared his thoughts on the hit Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ finding someone new for his character Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings. As you may already know, the English actor exited the series after season one ended.  Regé-Jean Page touched on a possible recasting for upcoming seasons and said: 

“They’re free to do as they like.”

Page continued:

“Shonda [Rhimes, executive producer on ‘Bridgerton,’] and I had a wonderful conversation at the end of Season 1. We were quite happy with how we stuck the landing on that one.”

As previously reported, on Tuesday (June 21) Page posted a picture on Instagram alongside castmate Jonathan Bailey. Page, 34, announced in his Instagram caption:

“The boys are back in town. (No, I’m not going back to the show btw – the papers made that one up.) But we had the best, and most stylish, catch up I’ve had in a while over some truly excellent Italian coffee and sunshine.”

Page also acknowledged that he’s appreciative for being able to play Simon Basset, who became Daphne Basset’s (Phoebe Dynevor) husband at the end of season one.

Page continued:

“We did so well on that redemptive arc that people forget that Simon was kind of horrific. He was the best example of a Regency fuckboy that any of us had come across and so, because we came around full circle so well, because we stuck that landing, you’re left with this great feeling. You really do have to be brave about ending stories like that.”

Page also mentioned that he hasn’t tuned into the second season of the show which debuted on Netflix in March. Page added:

“I haven’t caught up with it.”

Page disclosed how happy he was to play the evil guy for the new Netflix film ‘The Gray Man,’ debuting on Friday (July 22). The film also stars Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Page plays a CIA chief, Denny Carmichael. Page admitted: 

“I try to take all the things I like about myself — everything that you got from those self-esteem classes as a kid — put it in a box, tie up a bow and just hide it. It’s a delight. Hopefully you plug into the relish that the audience will have going there with you.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill