Kehlani Explains Starbucks Confrontation W/ Internet Personality Christian Walker: He’s A F*cking A**h*le

Kehlani x Christian Walker

Kehlani Explains Starbucks Confrontation W/ Internet Personality Christian Walker: He’s A F*cking A**h*le

Kehlani is trending… and it’s not because they dropped new music.

The ‘Up At Night’ singer got into some sort of verbal altercation with conservative internet personality Christian Walker, a supporter of former president Donald Trump. Christian Walker is the son of former NFL player Herschel Walker.

Herschel Walker

According to a tweet, the altercation between the pair started after Kehlani told baristas at Starbucks that Christian Walker was an “a*shole” and “to be safe around him. He followed up by calling the singer “fake woke” and accused them of pretending to be a good person.

During the incident, he said to Kehlani,

“Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and you’re so rude, or you wouldn’t be telling barista workers that I’m an a*shole. … You don’t need to tell baristas that I’m an a*shole because I have an opinion. Get your drink and go away.”

He continued,

“I can have an opinion like everybody else. Why are you entitled to an opinion and not me? You want to tell baristas I’m an a*shole? Well guess what? You’re the a*shole, you are an a*shole. Get your drink and go. Get your drink and go. … If you can have an opinion, I can have an opinion ma’am.”

While Kehlani seemed to only respond to Walker in person with blank stares and laughter, it didn’t take long for Twitter users to come to their defense.

Kehlani x Christian Walker

Kehlani x Christian Walker

Another Twitter user said:

“babe, nobody likes you, and you are in fact an asshole. You are mad because somebody called you out LOL. We love @kehlani go stream her new album yall”

Christian Walker x Kehlani


While they initially planned to not address the situation, Kehlani later took to social media to explain what actually happened. They said,

“I see behind me that kid Christian Walker visibly losing his s*it in the car via my two mirrors … to zoom in and film the Starbucks workers and film all the flags that are in the Starbucks windows.”

They went on to say that the location is covered in flags including gay and transgender rights and American remix.

“He proceeds to get to the little order box thing and is clearly harassing whoever is behind the order box thing. … I go to this Starbucks often and I also know and can visibly that everybody who works there is like of color and, a lot of them … seem queer to me.”


Kehlani said once they reached the window, she informed the baristas that Walker was “that Republican Trump supporter kid” who has a habit of harassing the LGBTQ community. They added that they told the coffee shop workers:

“He’s a f*cking a**h*le.”

They also shared he called her out of their name multiple times before he actually started recording.

The entire time… Kehlani was apparently on a virtual call with their therapist. Their piece of advice for Walker?

“therapy works babes im proof”

Kehlani x Christian Walker

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Authored by: S. G.