The Kid Mero Addresses Split From Desus Nice: It’s Hollywood, Baby!

Desus & Mero

The Kid Mero Addresses Split From Desus Nice: It’s Hollywood, Baby!

The Kid Mero is finally addressing his split from Desus Nice.

While there was a lot of speculation and rumors on what led to their ending, The Kid Mero (real name Joel Martinez) is finally setting the record straight—and there doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between him and his ex-business partner Desus Nice (real name Daniel Baker).

Addressing the split, The Kid Mero said,

“It’s just natural progression. It’s like we said on the podcast, ‘It’s Hollywood, baby.’ You develop strengths and things that you want to explore and do. And then things just happen naturally. It’s like Spike Jonze said on the Viceland show, ‘Everything is finite.’ What’s the corny cliche? Don’t be sad that it’s gone. Be happy that you experienced it.”

He added,

“I love everything that he’s done. It’s just natural. I’ve got my life, my worldview, my things going on, and he’s got his. So it’s only right that, instead of just staying like, We’re only going to do this one thing, we explore. Let’s break out. Let’s see what we do as individuals, and then form like Voltron later on. Who knows?”

As previously reported, Desus and Mero, formerly known as The Bodega Boys, allegedly split because of a disagreement with their manager Victor Lopez. The news came as it was also confirmed that their late-night Showtime series “Desus & Mero” would also be ending after four seasons.

At the time, a Showtime spokesperson said,

“Desus Nice and The Kid Mero will be pursuing separate creative endeavors moving forward. Showtime’s late-night talk show ‘Desus & Mero’ will not be returning for a fifth season.”

But, according to sources with direct knowledge of the situation,

“Here’s what happened, according to five separate sources. Shortly after Thanksgiving, Showtime asked that Victor Lopez, the duo’s longtime manager and a credited producer on Desus & Mero, no longer attend tapings or appear in meetings. Lopez had been accused of asshole behavior, including bullying, screaming and generally making people on the show feel bad. Several formal complaints had been made, according to two sources. (Showtime and reps for the duo declined to comment; Lopez could not be reached.)”

The Bodega Boys hosted over 250 episodes reverting back to 2015, with the most current episode of their podcast being released in November 2021. In 2014, the duo served as hosts of the Complex TV online series “Desus vs. Mero.”

Their Viceland television turned Showtime series “Desus & Mero” initially launched in 2016.

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Authored by: S. G.