Beyonce — Some People Kicked Out Of Singer’s ‘Renaissance’ Party For Recording Videos & Bad Behavior – They Didn’t Know How To Act

Beyonce — Some People Kicked Out Of Singer’s ‘Renaissance’ Party For Recording Videos & Bad Behavior – They Didn’t Know How To Act 

Queen B had strict rules for her ‘Renaissance’ celebration, and if you didn’t follow them you had to go!

Over the weekend, 28 time Grammy-award winner Beyonce held a celebration for her seventh studio album ‘Renaissance’ at the Times Square Edition. Reports rumored that the event was graceful but some of their courtiers had to be escorted out following their actions.

A source said:

“Beyoncé was very nice to everyone, having conversations and thanked everyone for attending.”

The course continued:

“A few people got kicked out for being drunk and foolish.”

The source added:

“They didn’t know how to act.”

The source said more people were escorted out of the event for “recording videos.”

The source elaborated:

“Security put tape over the camera lens of people’s phone when they checked in.”

Beyonce took to Instagram to share photos of her silver gown for the evening following her arrival at the event with her husband, rap mogul, Jay-Z at the celebration. 

Tina Lawson, Beyonce’s mother and fashion designer, also shared images on Instagram of celebrities who attended the special evening, such as former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams, and actress LaLa.

Tina Lawson also put together a collage for her daughter and son-in-law expressing in a heart-warming caption how proud she was of the 40-year-old’s hard work during the structuring of ‘Renaissance.’

Tina Lawson said:

“I’ve watched for over two years all of the constant hard work, the sacrifice sometimes of time with her family, the all night sessions working while sick , weekends and then nurturing three kids, time away from a very supportive husband, the Blood sweat and tears, I say that to say Beyonce works harder than any human being I know and deserves and earns everything she gets!”

The 66-year-old added:

“Absolutely nothing is handed to her. She minds her own business and does not speak badly of anyone, never puts anyone down, Is always loyal and kind. Takes care of her business don’t mess with nobody. So | am proud of you!!!! Kudos Baby girl enjoy your rewards you have earned it and then some! #rogerfriedman journalist.”

What are your thoughts on Beyonce having people kicked out of her event for their bad behavior and recording unapproved videos of her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill