Kelis Says ‘You Can’t Be Afraid To Speak Up For Yourself’ As She Reacts To Reports That Beyoncé Removed ‘Milkshake’ Sample From ‘Renaissance’


Kelis Says ‘You Can’t Be Afraid To Speak Up For Yourself’ As She Reacts To Reports That Beyoncé Removed ‘Milkshake’ Sample From ‘Renaissance’

Looks like Kelis got exactly what she wanted.

Kelis recently responded to reports that her 2003 song “Milkshake” was removed from Beyoncé’s new album “Renaissance.” As previously reported, Kelis called Beyoncé out for sampling the tune without giving her a heads up. It’s important to note that the song in question, “Energy,” only contained the interpolation (portions of a melody) of “Milkshake” and reportedly not any of the vocals recorded by Kelis. Despite this, Beyoncé still initially credited Kelis on her song in addition to the people responsible for making the sampled beat, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo. 

However, Beyoncé listened to Kelis’ complaints and the “Milkshake” incorporation was removed from the project. Kelis seems to be happy with that and unbothered by the backlash that came her way for sharing her issues with Beyoncé. The singer-turned-professional chef replied to someone saying she can go back to cooking and said

oh absolutely lol #winning

Kelis continued swatting away at the Beyhive and addressed more negative comments that came her way. She said, 

“you can’t be afraid to speak up for yourself, no matter how big the bully’s. They are robots. I don’t care about any of them”

When a Beyoncé fan said she only has attention because of the Texas native, Kelis replied,

“You are dumb, Yeah look at my comments. Go back a couple more days it’s the same. You other guys don’t matter or count. Never did, you’re sheep. I speak to leaders. I was never for you. That’s by design simpleton”

She continued and shared that the issue is “bigger” than settling everything behind closed doors. She then replied to more backlash and said,

“I called out what it was. You are a mindless sheep. There I go again speaking the truth. Lol I guess I just can’t help it lol”

Kelis isn’t the only thing that got removed from Beyoncé’s latest album. The multi-Grammy-Award-winning artist also removed an ableist term from the song “Heated” after backlash from fans. A Beyonce representative said:

“The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced.”

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Authored by: Afrkah Shantae