John Boyega Remembers Michael K. Williams As ‘Bubbly’ As He Recalls Working W/ Actor In Posthumously Released Film ‘Breaking’

John Boyega, Michael K. Williams

John Boyega Remembers Michael K. Williams As ‘Bubbly’ As He Recalls Working W/ Actor In Posthumously Released Film ‘Breaking’

Although he is missed in the physical sense, fans will at least have the opportunity to watch Michael K. Williams in the movie Breaking, which also stars British actor John Boyega.

Breaking, which premieres today (August 26), is reportedly one of two posthumous projects Michael K. Williams will be featured in. Those who worked with him on the film, including John Boyega, remember the late actor as “bubbly” and “royalty.”

Tashi Smith - Michael K. Williams

John Boyega said,

“He was bubbly. The first time I met him, he accidentally walked into my trailer. We spoke, and we cheered each other on, gave each other words of encouragement, which is very important. And from then on, we were on set working. And it was great.”

Breaking is based on the true account of the late Brian Brown-Easley, a former Marine Corps veteran who was in deep financial trouble. Brian Brown-Easley eventually resorts to robbing a bank in an effort to draw attention to the hardships that he and other veterans face.

Film director Abi Damaris Corbin also spoke highly of Michael K. Williams. She said,

“He was royalty on our set. He was the godfather. He was the king. He turned up when I first met him with Beats [headphones] around his shoulders, because he had already started preparing for the role.”

This isn’t the first time Boyega has spoken about the time he spent working with Williams. As previously reported, Boyega said during a red carpet appearance that their collaboration in Breaking was one he fought hard for.

According to Boyega,

“I actually requested him to be in this movie and he came through. … [He] got paid peanuts just to be a part of the art, so we’ll forever love you, brother.

John Boyega

He added,

“To see the trailer today brought back all those emotions and feelings and just being on set with him. … Breaking is going to be an incredible movie. Starring in this movie alongside Michael K. Williams and Nicole Beharie has been a blessing to me.

Williams was found dead in his Brooklyn apartment by his nephew Dominic Dupont on September 6, 2021. An autopsy later revealed that he died from an overdose of fentanyl-laced heroin. Specifically,

“acute intoxication by the combined effects of fentanyl, p-fluorofentanyl, heroin and cocaine.”

Dupont previously made an appearance on Red Table Talk, where he recalled the day he found his uncle. He said,

“We made the decision to go to his house and I went upstairs, opened up his door, and it was quiet — Michael always played music — that wasn’t the case.”

In response to the 911 who answered the call telling him to start performing compressions on his uncle, Dupont said he replied,

“I’m telling you, he’s deceased. He’s gone.”

Williams was 54 at the time of his death.

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