Shereé Whitfield Accused Of Selling The Same Items As Fast Fashion Companies For ‘She By Shereé’ Apparel Line

Shereé Whitfield

Shereé Whitfield Accused Of Selling The Same Items As Fast Fashion Companies For ‘She By Shereé’ Apparel Line

Is the highly anticipated clothing line She By Shereé really by Shereé Whitfield?

After 14 years, fans finally got to see Shereé Whitfield pull off a fashion show for her clothing line She By Shereé during the season finale of “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”

The fashion show featured 24 athleisure wear pieces rocked by both male and female models. Following the event, many of Shereé Whitfield’s “RHOA” cast members gave her praises for overcoming the obstacles she seemingly faced to make her fashion dreams a reality. Kandi Burruss shared,

“She pushed through, she pulled through and got it done. I’m very proud of her.”

Despite the positive things people had to say about the clothing line, it didn’t take long for critics to accuse Shereé Whitfield of being a fraud. As buyers took to the official website for She By Shereé some noticed that the athleisure wear from the reality star looked familiar. One Twitter user wrote, “She by Somebody Else!” and alleged that some pieces of Shereé’s line are identical to pieces available on Amazon.

Another Twitter user pointed out that they saw the same outfit on the fast fashion site SHEIN.

However, even with a few negative reviews, it seems like most are here for Shereé’s latest business venture. According to the fashionista, so many people tried to buy from her website that the overflow of traffic crashed the site.


See more takes about the clothing line from “RHOA” viewers below:

Shereé Whitfield seems unbothered by the haters and recently shared a moving post via her IG page about her company’s growth. In part, she wrote, 

“I was determined to create my own generational wealth for my kids. Freshly out of a divorce I wanted to regain my independence and get back to my first love which is fashion. It’s been a long 14 years as I have had hiccups and even moments of letting go of my dreams of having my own fashion line.”

She added,

“It’s extremely hard when funding a fashion line by yourself with no backing behind you. Let She By Shereé be the example of perseverance for independent women.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel