Radio Personality Nephew Tommy Says He Had Thyroid Cancer & Now It’s 100% Gone After Surgery!

Nephew Tommy

Radio Personality Nephew Tommy Says He Had Thyroid Cancer & Now It’s 100% Gone After Surgery!

Prayers up for media personality Nephew Tommy.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show co-host opened up via instagram yesterday (September 26th), about his private battle with thyroid cancer. Nephew Tommy, real name Thomas Miles, revealed he was diagnosed with the disease back in May and underwent surgery last month. Tommy says he is now in recovery after a successful procedure that rid the cancer.

Nephew Tommy

Starting by thanking his wife Jaqueline Miles for her support through the process, the comedian wrote:

“Thank you to my wife for her support. I am truly blessed @deevaj

May 18th, 2022 I got the call that I had been diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. August 24, 2022 surgery was performed. ALL CANCER IS 100% GONE. No chemotherapy necessary.


Thomas Miles, Jaqueline Miles

Continuing, the Ready To Love host sent an encouraging message to others who may be going through a similar situation. Tommy added how important it is to be in tune with your health and have a good relationship with God. He continued:

“My voice is slowly coming back around. Get ready…I will grab that Mic once again.

If I can be an example for anyone. Stay on top of your health. Get check ups on a regular basis.

It helps to already know God…it helps to already have a relationship with God. That way when you call on him…HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE”

In a follow up post, the entertainer went on to thank those who visited him, and included a s/o to his Steve Harvey Morning Show family. Miles currently co-hosts the syndicated radio show with Steve Harvey. He also has a series on the show where he hilariously calls around pranking people as Nephew Tommy.

In the post he wrote:

“To EVERYONE in my village that took care of me, prayed for me, came to visit me…I am humble and grateful to have you in my life….To those going through difficult times or a major storm in your life…the best thing I can tell you. DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT THERE WITHOUT GOD ON YOUR SIDE.”

We will continue to pray for Thomas‘ speedy recovery!

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Authored by: Kay Johnson