Lamar Odom Says In A Dream Kobe Bryant Told Him “The Afterlife Ain’t What People Make It Up To Be”

Lamar Odom, Kobe Bryant

Lamar Odom Says In A Dream Kobe Bryant Told Him “The Afterlife Ain’t What People Make It Up To Be”

Lamar Odom is still missing Kobe Bryant.

The former NBA athlete, who played on the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant from 2004 to 2011, is opening up again about speaking with his “brother” in his dreams.

Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom told Shannon Sharpe,

“He come to me in dreams too. When I was on the Big Brother house, I was there for 26 days, he came to me like in four dreams. The last dream, it was real vivid. He said something to me and I’m not gone ever, ever forget. We were having a shooting contest, and Kobe was so good at shooting the ball because he can step into the ball with either foot, left or right.”

He continued,

“We get to the three-point line, right wing, and he looked back at me [and] he said, ‘Hello, the afterlife ain’t what people make it up to be.’ … I didn’t know how to take that. Did he mean he misses the girls? His mission is not done yet? Get it all in now because you don’t know what to expect? That just stuck with me.”

Lamar went on to share that Kobe‘s words ultimately encouraged him and prompted him to spring into action as far as his own life goes.

This isn’t the first time Lamar has talked having dreams in which he converses with Kobe. He previously claimed that it happens often and, in the dreams, they are usually “shooting around” or sometimes playing games. Lamar also said that he loves flying back to Los Angeles because he “feels” his late friend and teammate.

In response [at the time] to what Kobe says to him in the dreams, Lamar said,

“Hang in there. Keep fighting. Don’t quit.”

He added,

“His spirit is so strong, to me he’s not too far away. Especially when you dreaming of someone and they talk to you in that dream, you definitely gonna remember it.”

Gigi & Kobe Bryant

In addition to a neck tattoo in the late athlete’s honor, Lamar has been seen in the past donning a pendant with a picture of the late Kobe and his daughter, Gianna Bryant. Kobe and Gianna Bryant both died in a helicopter crash on January 26, 2020.  Seven other people, including the pilot, also perished. It was later determined that they died  as a result of “pilot error.”

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