Update: Mase Responds To Diddy’s Claims That He Owes Him $3 Million, Says The Music Mogul Is ‘High’ & Is Just Mad Because He Refused To Accept His ‘Fake Apology’

P. Diddy, Mase

Update: Mase Responds To Diddy’s Claims That He Owes Him $3 Million, Says The Music Mogul Is ‘High’ & Is Just Mad Because He Refused To Accept His ‘Fake Apology’

Update: (Oct. 6, 2022): It looks like Mase heard Diddy’s latest claims against him and he isn’t here for them!

Following Diddy’s recent interview with “The Breakfast Club” where he finally addressed claims from his former artists that he didn’t pay them, Mase took to the internet to fire off his own allegations. In a video shared on his IG page, Mase said,

“Yo, you see how people act when you won’t let them come on stage and give they fake apology so they can promote that little wack song,”

He captioned the post,

“[Diddy] just [angry] I did not want him to come on stage with me to give his fake apology. You’re high chill out! I’M GOOD LOVE.”

In another video, Mase continued to call out his former friend. In part, he said,

“Yo, how dare this n*gga talking about he want receipts, let’s start with you mother, n*gga – you’re mother got the receipts, n*gga. Everything is in your mother’s name.”

He continued,

“Everybody you made sign paperwork [is dead], so they can’t talk about what I’m talking about.”

He added,

“All money ain’t good money!”  

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Original Story: (Oct. 5, 2022):

Diddy is speaking his truth regarding his ongoing drama with Mase and he seemingly has receipts to back it up!

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

In a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club” Diddy shared his thoughts on artists alleging that he stole money from them. Diddy opened up about his feelings towards the rumor, he said:

“If you think that I’m a scumbag that would ever steal anything, my name is “Diddy” Sean Combs. I never took nothing from nobody a day in my life. All I’ve ever given is opportunity and more money than a person was making. So when I hear, or when I see things, and I’m like ‘wow, this vibe that they got on me–’ like I’m big red or sum’. I came here, I had to open up the doors.”

The 52-year-old explained:

“People have this thing called the ‘tap out button.’ When you get to a certain point and the money is running low, you gotta run this hustle to try to find somebody to blame. I have all my receipts. We are gonna do a special, a retrospective, of all the artists and we’re gonna get this narrative clear.”

The Revolt owner then touched on claims from fellow rapper Mase

“Just in general, the Mase thing. I did one album with Mase. One album. How much money do you think I owe this guy? One album? And then he became a fake pastor? And went and conned people? Then y’all gon’ let him throw dirt on God’s name.”

He continued:

“Each and anybody can come and step up, bring your receipts but I’m not playing. I’m back outside and I’m fighting back for us and Imma also do a little fighting back for me.”

The Harlem native admitted:

“Mase owes me three million dollars. That’s facts I got the receipt.”

He added:

“He did the album, never delivered. And I’m not gon’ go back and forth with Mase. I’m not going back and forth with nobody. I’m just gonna, if I’m here, Imma speak up for myself now.”

Diddy said:

“The truth gon’ be the truth but we gon’ get to the truth as long as I’m outside we gon’ get to the truth. Not tryna start nothing we nobody. Mase, I love Mase. And I will tell anybody, anybody that thinks I owe them something, show me the receipt, you get paid in 24 hours.”

As previously reported, in an interview with the “Million Dollaz Worth of Game” podcast Mase, born Mason Durell Betha, revealed the tea on his ongoing feud with Diddy and Bad Boy Records. According to Mase, Diddy had no intentions of taking his career to the top. Mase said:

“I can say this because it’s not something I didn’t say to [Diddy]. I felt like I did more than I got credit for, more than I got paid for.”

The 47-year-old continued:

“I’m tryna be nice. I never got paid what I was worth, and I never got the respect I was worth. So, the disdain that I got for [Diddy] is more like, ‘You tryna keep me here, n*gga. I’m not here. All my peers is up here. All my peers are bosses.’ [It’s] just like [when] somebody raise somebody up, you know, they did work with you, they go from your lil’ man to, maybe, A&R, to something else. He just kept tryna keep me right here, like, he didn’t want me to grow at anything.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill