Fat Joe Explains Why He’s Never Changing His Name Despite Losing Significant Weight Since The Start Of His Career: It Wouldn’t Be Smart

Fat Joe Explains Why He’s Never Changing His Name Despite Losing Significant Weight Since The Start Of His Career: It Wouldn’t Be Smart

Fat Joe has built a million-dollar brand with his name, and he isn’t letting a cent of it go!

During an interview with Tashara Jones of Page Six, Fat Joe expressed why he’s not interested in dropping the term “Fat” from his moniker–even though he’s no longer on the heavier side.

When speaking on the matter, Fat Joe said:

“As a business, I spent so many millions and millions of dollars marketing Fat Joe that it wouldn’t be smart to change my name now.”

Fat Joe

Further into the conversation, the legendary lyricist, whose real name is Joseph Antonia Cartagena, elaborated on the history behind his other pseudonym, Joey Crack, and what made him stick with it throughout his career. Apparently, it was due to the bullying he encountered as an overweight youth in school.

“I grew up in the projects… where there was no filter. When the teacher would say, ‘Write something on the chalkboard,’ I was always big… so the crack of [my butt] would show. So, the girls would be like, ‘Yeah, Joey Crack!’ And that’s how I kept my name.”

(left to right) Throwback Photo of Fat Joe and Big Pun

It’s safe to say that the jokes are on the bullies now, mainly because Fat Joe’s illustrious climb to the top of the rap game is certainly one for the books.

After venturing off from his group, Diggin’ in the Crates Crew, the 52-year-old introduced himself as a solo artist with the release of his debut album, “Represent,” in 1993. The project featured his hit single “Flow Joe,” which eventually reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs chart.

That was only the beginning of what would come for the New York City native. Fat Joe’s contribution to the music industry seemingly changed the face of Hip-Hop, with classic bops like “Lean Back,” “What’s Luv?” featuring Ashanti and Ja Rule, and “Make It Rain” with Lil Wayne.

He’s also responsible for the iconic Terror Squad, which included esteemed acts like the late Big PunRemy MaTony SunshineCuban Link, DJ Khaled.

Aside from Joe hosting The 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards, not too long ago, he made headlines for saying where he stands with Murder Inc. Records founder Irv Gotti, who’s sparked loads of controversy in the media lately.

Amid the release of The Murder Inc Story on BET, the public grew extremely upset at Irv Gotti’s comments about his former artist, songstress Ashanti, and their alleged relationship in the early 2000s. Fat Joe also took to Instagram previously to double down on his disapproval of Irv Gotti detailing his romantic dealings with Ashanti in his interview with the podcast “Drink Champs.”

Ashanti, Irv Gotti

Fat Joe recently opened up about views on Irv Gotti while visiting “The Breakfast Club.” He explained that his disdain for Gotti’s remarks came from the respect he has for Ashanti and other female artists he looks at like family.

The rapper said:

“I love Irv Gotti. I love his whole entire family. His mother. One time I canceled the show to go to his mother’s birthday party from L.A. I love they whole family. Now, my problem was like, ‘If I’m ‘sis’ing’ you, you’re my sis. If you’re Remy Ma, you’re Ashanti, you’re my sis. You’re Natina. When I see you, [it’s] ‘Sis! I love you, sis!’ No matter how much I love a person, I cannot sit there and watch this man disrespect my sister. That I call my sister everyday. I feel like a sucker if I don’t address it now.”

He later continued by stating that maybe his approach wasn’t the best, but he still loves and sees Gotti as a brother, even though they aren’t friends.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell