Masika Kalysha Faces Backlash For Claiming ‘Reverse Colorism 100% Exists,’ Reality Star Stands By Statement: ‘Arguing About It Is Literally Creating Even More Light Skin Vs Dark Skin Bullsh*t’


Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha Faces Backlash For Claiming ‘Reverse Colorism 100% Exists,’ Reality Star Stands By Statement: ‘Arguing About It Is Literally Creating Even More Light Skin Vs Dark Skin Bullsh*t’

‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ alumna Masika Kalysha isn’t here for the light-skinned vs. dark-skinned conversation.

Recently, Houston rapstress Monaleo chatted with ‘The Hollywood Groupchat’ podcast and voiced her views on the current state of colorism in the music industry.

When speaking on how breaking into the entertainment arena is often harder for women of a darker tone, Monaleo expressed:

“For me, colorism is very real. It’s a very real thing. Not to take away from anyone who is a light-skinned rapper, but it’s definitely easier for a woman of a lighter complexion to blow up quicker than a dark-skinned woman, for sure.”


She added,

“Little black girls, in general, we’ve been indoctrinated to think that darker skin–darker-skinned people experience a completely different experience than people who are light-skinned, and that is just the bottom line.”

Following Monaleo’s statements, the “Beating Down Yo Block” lyricist received loads of criticism, prompting her to address the backlash via her Twitter account.

The 21-year-old wrote,

“I’ve gotten some nasty a** messages since that interview dropped and all I did was point out what I THOUGHT was the obvious. I stand by what I said about colorism still being a very real and prevalent issue. And there is no such thing as ‘reverse colorism.'”

Monaleo’s tweet then prompted a response from Masika Kalysha, who disagreed with her standpoint and had a few things of her own to say.

Masika Kalysha replied,

“Reverse colorism 100% exists. Saying that it doesn’t exist is actually proof that it does.”

The famed TV personality’s comment sparked a debate, with fellow Twitter users chiming in and giving their opinion on Masika‘s stance.

A woman told Masika,

“Stupid sh*t like this is why no one takes dark skinned women seriously. No one was f*cking bullied because they were light skinned. I have seen in real time how fairer skinned women were legitimate bullies and no one batted an eye.”

The Khari Beauty owner replied:

“See how you just invalidated every single light skin black woman’s experience on earth, bc you as ONE person just made a ridiculous statement?”

From there, Masika‘s tweets garnered even more attention, as she engaged in a back-and-forth with others on the social media platform.

One of the users also said,

“I’m sorry sis [reverse colorism is] just NOT a thing. And I’m standing in it ten toes down.”

Masika came back by standing firm in her sentiments as well, detailing her thoughts on the matter adding to the division.

“Idgaf about your toes sis. It’s not a thing FOR YOU. And arguing about it is literally creating even more light skin vs dark skin bullsh*t when we all black women period. This is the ignorance I’m talking about. It exists within you Pooh.”

She further defended herself by affirming that she never denied the harsh experiences that darker-complexioned women have gone through. See more of Masika‘s Twitter tussle below.

Monaleo has since expanded on her earlier tweet. The female emcee doesn’t regret anything she said and stated her disapproval of the public tearing her down for speaking on how she feels as an artist who’s had to endure colorism.

“You could be making a valid point and it wouldn’t even matter because some ppl are just committed to misunderstanding you and misconstruing your words.”

She went on,

“I genuinely support and extend myself publicly and privately to every female artist because that’s who I AM. That doesn’t mean that I can’t acknowledge that some artists are more privileged than others. This isn’t just in the music industry this is in LIFE.”

More of what Monaleo had to say here:

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell