Lauren London Says “Why Would These Two People Really Like Each Other” While Explaining Initial Hesitation About On-Screen Relationship w/ ‘You People’ Co-star Jonah Hill

Lauren London, Jonah Hill

Lauren London Says “Why Would These Two People Really Like Each Other” While Explaining Initial Hesitation About On-Screen Relationship w/’You People’ Co-star Jonah Hill

Actors often question how roles will translate to viewers prior to accepting gigs.

This is exactly what “You People” star Lauren London did prior to agreeing to play Amira in the recently released Netflix rom-com.

Starring alongside Jonah Hill as her love interest seems to have been an initial point of hesitation for the “ATL” actress. During a recent interview, Lauren London, 38, opened up about feeling as though viewers wouldn’t believe the odd pairs on screen relationship. Speaking about posing the issue to the films co-writer and director Kenya Barris, London says she asked:

“Why would these two people really like each other?…They’re from two totally different worlds, and if you see them, you would never think that they would meet or hang out, whatever the case is,”

Lauren London

However, the TV and movie star says she come to the understanding that the film:

“Was a conversation on connecting with people genuinely and going for the soul connection.”

The report adds that the movie, released on January 27th, has been widely received well by fans. As it stands, the project reportedly holds the #1 spot on Netflix’s Global Top 10. London was also asked about how she and Hill, 39, ended up creating believable movie chemistry. In response, the entertainer stated:

“We actually have a lot in common in our lives — some of our experiences and some of the ways we look at life and some of the ways we’ve taken life in.”


“Also, growing up in L.A., though we grew up in different areas… We’re both L.A. kids from the same era.”

Earlier this week, London opened up about being part Jewish and getting in touch with those roots while filming. She stated:

“My dad is Jewish, my mom is black. I just grew up with my mother in my household…My parents divorced when I was really young.. I just grew up with a single black mom.”


“What felt personal was shooting in L.A. And some of those areas that we shot in and some of the places that we shot in. I liked that they were Jewish ’cause it was also some stuff that I got to learn via being in the movie that I didn’t know.”

Additionally, the actress discussed parenting as a single mother following the tragic death of longtime partner Nipsey Hussle. The rap star was shot and killed back in February of 2019 and share one son together. London also shares a son with rapper Lil Wayne.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson