Lauren London Says ‘It’s Too Heavy For Me Right Now’ As She Reflects On The Death Of Her Partner, Rapper Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle

Lauren London Says ‘It’s Too Heavy For Me Right Now’ As She Reflects On The Death Of Her Partner, Rapper Nipsey Hussle

In a rare interview, actress Lauren London opened up about the passing of her partner, rapper Nipsey Hussle.

 Lauren London recently sat down with media mogul Angie Martinez and shared how the death of Nipsey Hussle has affected her life. While speaking on grief and seeking healing Lauren London said, 

“Girl, I done read every book, they could tell you, all the books.”

Lauren continued:

“I prayed really hard when I heard he had got shot and so then I felt like ‘oh, did my prayer, oh my prayer didn’t work?’”

The 37-year-old added:

“I remember hearing people used to say ‘you know you dont really have a relationship ’til you question God’ and I had a lot of questions afterwards, real ones.”

Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London

Angie Martinez reminisced on watching Nipsey Hussle’s funeral and described Lauren as regal during the ceremony. Lauren said:

“I just felt like it was surreal. I can honestly say God was carrying me through that, cause there was no way. I didn’t even want to get dressed. I was gonna wear sweats.”

After sharing she almost wore sweats to Nipsey’s funeral, Lauren revealed that Diddy encouraged her not to. 

“Somebody pulled me aside. Puff. Puff pulled me aside and was like ‘look, bud. You have showed everybody what it looks like to hold a man down and to love him. Now show them what it looks like when it all crumbles. That’s your responsibility.”

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs

Lauren also addressed living in the city, Los Angeles, where she shared a lot of memories with the love of her life and said,

“Oh yeah, no it’s not easy.”

Lauren continued:

“I want to move all the time. I just know it’s not the right time for my family if I move.”

Angie, 51, asked:

“But you love L.A right?”

Lauren agreed:

“I love L.A. It’s tattooed on me. Til’ the death of me I love L.A. but it’s too heavy for me right now.”

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Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London

Lauren continued:

“It’s not even that, cause he’s in my house everywhere and I sleep and wake up with him on my mind so I’m in it. It’s just that L.A. feels really heavy, it feels heavy for me.”

Lauren added:

“I’m staying put right now, and then I just don’t think it’s like a good time for the rest of our family that loves us and wants to make sure they have a close eye on us. But yeah, I would go to the desert.”

As previously reported, Nipsey Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was fatally shot outside of his Los Angeles clothing store in March of 2019. Eric Holder, the reported gunman, was found guilty of first-degree murder on Wednesday (July 6). Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London share one child together, 5-year-old Kross Ermias Asghedom.

Lauren London, Nipsey Hussle, son Kross


The “ATL” actress also shares a child with Lil Wayne

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill