Lyfe Jennings Allegedly Robbed Of $120k Worth Of Jewelry Along w/Several Personal Items While Performing In Oakland 

Lyfe Jennings

Lyfe Jennings Allegedly Robbed Of $120k Worth Of Jewelry Along w/Several Personal Items While Performing In Oakland

R&B singer Lyfe Jennings is opening up about recently being robbed.

The 44-year-old musician posted a video to his Instagram account after the incident, explaining how being somewhere he was “not supposed to be” ended up costing him over $120,000.

According to Jennings, born Chester Jermaine Jennings, the altercation happened in the midst of several scheduled performances in the California city. Reportedly, the “Must Be Nice” artist was booked for the weekend at Yoshi’s. Speaking on the events leading up to the robbery, Jennings stated in the video:

“I’m in Oakland today, you all know, four sold-out shows and I just come off stage and I got down to Oakland, I pulled up to this spot, again, another place I wasn’t supposed to be,”


“Pulled up to a spot, went inside, saw some cats, blew up and basically, busted the windows out of the thing and snatched my little book bag. It’s like $120K worth of jewelry and my computer, my ID, passport, credit cards.”

It’s unknown if police have made any arrests nor recovered any of the items at this time. Late last year, Jennings also circulated headlines while speaking on another crazy experience he had. During the craze of Netflix’s 2022 release “Dahmer – Monster: The Jefferey Dahmer Story,” Jennings claimed he actually met the serial killer while incarcerated.

The songwriter, serving an 11-year sentence on arson charges at the time, stated about meeting Dahmer:

“I used to run across dude all the time cause he wanted a cigarette, he used to trade stuff for little cigarettes…When i’d be sweeping up, I’d be singing. So a lot of times cats used to have requests or whatever while I was down there…I walked past & Jeffrey.”


“He was asking me, you’d never guess what song he asked me did I know. Mint Condition ‘Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)’.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson