Usher Says His ‘Confessions’ Album Was ‘The Birth Of Toxic R&B’


Usher Says His ‘Confessions’ Album Was ‘The Birth Of Toxic R&B’

Usher says the stories told on “Confessions” sparked a toxic R&B moment!

In a recent interview, Usher reflected on being one of the best-selling R&B artists and the success of his 2004 fourth studio album “Confessions,” which reportedly sold over one million copies in its first week domestically and 15 million copies worldwide by 2006. During the song “Confessions II,” which was released as the third single from the album, Usher sings about having a baby on the way with his “chick on the side.”  

 While chatting about how the project seemingly changed the R&B game, the 44-year-old said:

“The conversation, the music, the entertainment, the dialogue, the energy around it. The toxic R&B of it. ‘Confessions’ was the birth of toxic R&B.”


He continued:

“Yo, but by the way, toxic was just being honest. It’s how you choose to say it.”

The Atlanta native added:

“Toxic now is like: I’m f*ck*d up and I’m just sayin’ I’m f*ck*d up, and that’s it, with no remorse.” 

Confessions Album Cover

He was also candid about remaining an icon throughout the three decades he’s released R&B music. He shared:

 “I don’t feel like I’ve ever been in competition with anyone else.”

When asked when he realized he was an R&B legend, he humbly answered:

“When did I become an icon? Could it be a certain number of hit records, number ones? Albums sold? Awards given? Comparisons? Becoming the standard for other artists? I’m trying to figure out…”


Usher then gave an update on his highly-anticipated ninth studio album, which was supposed to be titled “Confessions 2.” According to the entertainer, the more he worked on the project, the less interested he was in making a sequel to his fourth studio album. Usher admitted:

“I can’t be who I was. I don’t want to be who I was. I want to be better than what I was,” 

Although he hasn’t released an album since Barack Obama was in office, he shared that he’s excited to create new music for his fans. 

“I’m feeling inspired again, to now launch new music and also to continue to keep this phenomenon going. It’s just really been about celebration of entertainment, celebration of the standard that was set by these incredible guys [Prince, Michael Jackson, Gene Kelly].”


Despite Usher, real name Usher Raymond IV, being seemingly indecisive about releasing new music, when it comes to his love life, he knows exactly what he wants! As previously reported, the R&B superstar opened up about his private romance with Jennifer Goicoechea, while sharing how “amazing” she is. Amid guest starring on Angie Martinez’s “IRL Podcast,” Usher detailed the confident and exciting space in his life while being with Jennifer Goicoechea. Usher shared:

“I got an amazing partner in life, Jennifer Goicoechea.”

He continued:

“Yeah, my momma like her and love her too. [It’s] hard to accomplish that too, those two things.”

He admitted:

Usher then said:

“I’m never like, not single. I’m never single. I love, love. I’m just f*cking bad at it. I’m getting better. Good partnership definitely breeds great things.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill