Michael B. Jordan & Radio Personality Lore’l Have Tense Red Carpet Exchange After He Says She Called Him “Corny” On Air

Lore’l, Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan & Radio Personality Lore’l Have Tense Red Carpet Exchange After He Says She Called Him “Corny” On Air

Looks like Michael B. Jordan wanted all the smoke!

In an awkward on camera moment, the “Creed” star engaged in a quick back and forth with “The Morning Hustle” host Lore’l, accusing her of previously referring to him as “corny”.

Lore’l, Michael B. Jordan

Reportedly, the former classmates caught up with one another during a red carpet premiere of Jordan’s directorial debut, “Creed 3”. As Lore’l began interviewing the A-lister on behalf of her daytime radio show, she brought up their past history growing up together in Newark, New Jersey, to which Jordan responds:

 “The corny kid right?”

Lore’l let out a burst of laughter before adamantly stating she was being misquoted, denying ever calling the actor as corny. Despite, Jordan insisted that he had heard it, but everything was cool and pushed the interview forward.

It wasn’t long before receipts were pulled. Just as quickly as the moment happened, an old video clip of the discussion in question surfaced, seemingly proving it wasn’t Lore’l who said Jordan was corny, but her then co-host Dominique Da Diva. Reportedly, the conversation was about the actor’s public split from socialite Lori Harvey that took place on Lore’ls podcast. Both media hosts reacted to the viral interview on instagram shortly after it began to gain traction.

Reposting the interview, Lore’l wrote in the caption:

“I always come with receipts…Godspeed @michaelbjordan…but y’all go see Creed III tho directed by my old “pal” 

Dominque on the other hand doubled down on her stance, writing:

“Any black man that dates white women is corny to me. I guess that PR relationship w/Lori helped y’all forget but I didn’t.” 


“Anything I said once I’ll say it again. Nick Cannon is corny too — he got mad women babies and money. I thought we were all doing our “Ciara Prayer” for a nice corny Russell Wilson to save us from these toxic n*ggas? No? Corny ain’t bad. That’s 70% of the n*ggas in this industry…Let’s see how y’all act when he brings his next white girlfriend with him on the red carpet”

It doesn’t seem that Jordan has responded publicly at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson