Kehlani Addresses Radio Interview That Led To Her Quitting Interviews: It Was Cringy & Invasive AF


Kehlani Addresses Radio Interview That Led To Her Quitting Interviews: It Was Cringy & Invasive AF

Songstress Kehlani is addressing the interview that made her want to quit interviews altogether.

The “Little Story” singer didn’t provide much context when she announced her interview hiatus earlier this week, but recently revealed which interview it was that set her off. Kehlani, 27, took to her instagram following the release of her guest appearance on radio show The Morning Hustle. In the post, the musician spoke candidly about the interview, stating that there was “a lot of mockery” and was not as “warm” as other interviews she’s recently done. Kehlani, who is currently on a promotional run for her third studio album “Blue Water Road” wrote:

“every other recent interview has been super bubbly, warm, informative & open. from start to finish, this interview was cringey, a lot of mockery, and invasive as f**k”


She continued:

“this is why your favorite artists always stop doing interviews or people don’t want to speak anymore”

The “Alter” singer continued, stating that fans and viewers on Youtube agreed that the interview’s questioning seemed overly intrusive. Additionally, Kehlani stated that she will be only be doing a small number of select interviews moving forward.

Radio hosts at The Morning Hustle shot back at Kehlani, claiming it was her who brought negative energy from the start. Media personalities Headkrack and Lore’l gave their perspective of how Kehlani’s interview went during a recent episode. In an interview clip posted to TMH‘s instagram page, show host Lore’l asks Kehlani about her identifying pronoun. The artist boasts in her instagram profile they she identifies as she/they. This was the moment TMH hosts say they believe triggered the singer. During the interview, Lore’l stated:

“Some people including even myself imma be honest sometimes where like ignorance is a fact of – what it exactly means for the they and them. Can you just give like a pre breakdown? If you feel disrespected if people don’t refer to you in that manner?”

To which an audibly irritable Kehlani takes a deep sigh before responding:

“No, I just think if you don’t understand it just say that, don’t like make a mockery of it, don’t like make a joke. I think that’s really stupid.”

Lore’l then goes on to ask Kehlani about her personal choice to identify as they/them to which the singer quickly shot back:

“It’s just how I feel”

The radio personality responded to Kehlani’s accusations in a lengthy comment posted to Instagram, calling it “a fake a** narrative”. Lore’l wrote:

“girl please you came in there with an attitude nasty from the door!”

Then continued:

“there’s a reason you came to our show and in hindsight we should’ve cut you soon as it started cuz your energy was disgusting”

Kehlani has not responded to Lore’l’s post, however in a blog posted to TMH’s website, the show stated they hope to do more interviews with the singer in the future. You can watch Kehlani’s full interview on TMH below.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson