Ving Rhames, LisaRaye McCoy and AJ Johnson are set to star in new BET+ series “Legacy”

Ving Rhames, LisaRaye McCoy and AJ Johnson are set to star in new BET+ series “Legacy”.

The series will begin streaming March 2 on BET+.

Guy Simmons (Ving Rhames) is the patriarch of the Simmons family, the ruling crime family in the southern underworld. When he gets shot, the balance of power is ended, turning his two sons into competitors, vying for control of the family. Kevin (Andra Fuller), the son of his first wife Gloria (AJ Johnson) is pitted against Ty (Markice Moore), the son of his second wife Debra (LisaRaye). Both must fight off the ‘Pack, a bunch of young, ruthless gangsters, once led by Ty. Family secrets are unearthed that threaten to not only tear the family apart but the streets as well. The Godfather meets American Gangster.

“Simmons” is the gritty story of Guy Simmons an urban Godfather controlling the drug trade in the Dirty South. Set in North Carolina and New York City, the world of “Simmons” is a rich tapestry of two world’s colliding for control of the East Coast drug market and the choice between family or money and power. The Bells, a crime family in New York, have the cocaine market on lock. The Simmons, hailing from the South, reign supreme in heroin. The Bells and Simmons are family with a deep history stretching back decades. Talks joining forces are suddenly stalled when Guy Simmons is gunned down outside a bar, landing him in a hospital, clinging to life in a coma.

Guy built his family SIMMONS learning the tricks of the trade from his father who ran a moonshine business during prohibition. He wants to pass on this to his two sons, Kevin and Tyquan aka Ty the family business. However, his womanizing ways have spilled over and jeopardizes all he’s worked for. The mothers of his sons hate each other. Like mother, like son. Guy’s shooting has ignited a new brotherly beef; a beef that will have deadly repercussions, especially when you have a family where the enemy lies within. “Simmons” takes a deep look into the world of black fathers and their relationship with their sons. It examines the dynamics between the cultures of the south vs main street America vs the fight for respect and power is constantly evolving with serious consequences for everyone especially when family secrets are revealed. This story of Guy will be revealed thru flashbacks between the late 60s early 70s when Young Guy Simmons (Justin Martin) got his start and became the Godfather he is currently day.

Cast members: Lead/Supporting cast:
Guy Simmons  played by Ving Rhames
Debra Simmons played by Lisa Raye
Gloria Simmons played by AJ Johnson
Kat Played by Draya Michele
Vee played by Barton Fitzpatrick

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