2 Americans Who Survived Kidnapping By Mexican Cartel Detail Experience & Share They Were Almost Forced To Perform Sexual Acts

2 Americans Who Survived Kidnapping By Mexican Cartel Detail Experience & Share They Were Almost Forced To Perform Sexual Acts

The two Americans who survived a cartel kidnapping in Mexico are speaking out and detailing the horrific incident.

Latavia Washington McGee and Eric Williams spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday (Apr. 11) and revealed how the gunmen cornered their minivan, kidnapped the group, and killed their friends Shaeed Woodard and Zindell Brown.

The four friends were kidnapped on March 3 as they were driving to a medical appointment in Matamoros, Mexico. Investigators believe the Americans were likely mistaken for Haitian drug smugglers.

When their minivan was forced to stop, Woodard and Brown opened the vehicle’s doors and ran out but were both immediately shot. Williams said,

“When I jumped out on the driver’s side, that’s when I was shot in both legs.”

The four Americans were then loaded into the back of a pickup truck. The pair told CNN they arrived at a house about 10-15 minutes later where the kidnappers wore red “Diablo masks” and put “guns at our heads, telling us not to look up.” Upon arrival, the group was interrogated.

Williams said,

“That’s where Shaeed said, ‘I love y’all, and I’m gone.’ And he died right there.”

Washington McGee recalled,

“I told him I was sorry.”

While holding back tears, Williams revealed,

“He said he loved us and he was gone. It was the last thing he said.”

Williams was later taken to a medical clinic for the bullet wounds in his legs. He told CNN,

“They put my leg on a two-by-four and then they stitched it up… no pain medicine or nothing.”

However, according to Williams, the stitches “busted out” by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Washington McGee said she was being held in a room with Brown, “and he was fighting for his life and they didn’t do nothing.”

She explained,

“I talked to him the whole time… just told him I was sorry because I asked him to come with me and he just said, ‘It’s okay I’m your brother, I’m supposed to be there for you, I love you.'”

At one point, the cartel members also tried to make the two survivors have sex with each other.

Williams said,

“They tried to make us have sex with each other but we told them we were brother and sister and that she was pregnant.”

They also described being moved between multiple cartel safehouses and having to hide under their friends’ dead bodies while in transit. After a few days, a video of the moment the group was kidnapped surfaced online. McGee said the kidnappers showed them the footage – and that is when they realized they’d taken four innocent Americans.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole