(EXCLUSIVE) CBS News Cameraman Sues: They discriminated because I was a black Muslim, called a reporter ‘fat’.

(EXCLUSIVE) CBS News Cameraman Sues: They discriminated because I was a black Muslim, called a reporter 'fat'.

CBS News Cameraman Sues For Discrimination

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, an ex-cameraman for CBS News is accusing his bosses of discrimination and retaliation due to him being a black Muslim. He also describes an alleged plot by his boss that involved him being reprimanded for calling an on-air reporter “fat.”

Wilfred Ardley sued CBS News accusing them of subjecting him to race, religion and race-based discrimination while working at the company.

He describes himself as a fifty-seven years old Black Muslim, who began working as a cameraman at CBS News in 1989. During his time working at CBS News, he was often asked questions from co-workers like “What’s wrong with your people?” referring to Muslims.

During another instance, he claims his co-worker asked if he was “going to shoot up the place?”. He states that he expressed his concern about how he was treated in the workplace and says that one of his co-workers told him, “it’s because you’re old.”

He accuses his bosses of treating all non-black and non-Muslims employees differently, pointing out that if he would raise his voice to get a point across, they would immediately ask him to calm down despite no such objection being made when other co-workers did the same thing.

Ardley describes an incident where he was told by a boss to film reporter, Jim DeFede, in a different angle to make him have a skinner appearance, which he did per the instructions.

Then he was called into a meeting with execs where he was accused of calling DeFede “fat”, which he explained was a lie and he was only following orders. However, he says the damage was already done and he began receiving racial comments following the incident. He became very stressed and felt out of place at his job, where he worked for 26 years.

Ardley was eventually demoted from his cameraman position without any explanation. He believes its due to retaliation and discrimination against him being black and a Muslim.

He is demanding the judge order CBS News to reinstate him at his old position with the same rate of pay and full benefits and compensatory damages for his mental anguish, personal suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

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Authored by: TJB Writer