Wendy Williams’ Brother Slams Her Manager + Says She Shouldn’t Be Filming A Show: Do you see the condition she’s in?

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Wendy Williams’ Brother Slams Her Manager + Says She Shouldn’t Be Filming A Show: Do you see the condition she’s in?

It looks like Wendy Williams‘ brother Tommy Williams still has concerns about his famous sister.

During a recent interview, Tommy Williams revealed he still has concerns about Wendy Williams mental state and the company she keeps.

Tommy said,

“She’s so caught up with who she was and not who she’s become, and apparently she’d like to get back to who she was because she can’t stop talking about that person.” 

He continued,

“So let’s all help you get back to that person, but we haven’t been able to help because she’s up in New York around people and we, the family, can’t get her hooks in her properly to reel her into the shore. So she’s staying out there with the sharks.”

Tommy Williams

Tommy Williams then set his sights on Wendy Williams manager Will Selby who accompanied the star in Florida to film her latest project.

“I don’t trust Will. I finally could say what I saw, I don’t trust.. He wasn’t a man of very many words.”

Tommy says the manager never introduced himself to either him nor their father, Thomas Williams Sr, while filming.

“And if you’re coming around our father and you’re putting this big piece together, and Wendy’s been away all this time and your name is synonymous with Wendy then speak the f*** up. Speak up, say something! Who are you!?”

He continued,

“I’m just trying to keep my family safe because as my father climbs in age, I’m in the position to do what needs to be done for my family. So Will, you don’t have to talk to my father. And it was obvious you didn’t have the balls to talk to me and say anything to me.”

Wendy Williams and Tommy Williams

Tommy, who also claimed that Wendy is not well enough to be filming a reality show, had more to say about her manager.

“He seemed a little bit timid and out of sorts, and I guess if you’re doing the wrong thing, you’re not going to feel right. I just know that he’s not a man. He’s soft. And he plays the backdrop. And that he’s using Wendy.”

Tommy is also against Wendy Williams filming a show and questioned why a film crew was there in Florida despite her current state.

“Why are you even here? Do you see the condition she’s in? Does it look like she’s ready to start a podcast for goodness sake? It doesn’t. And we are all going to bear witness to this.”

He continued,

“And the shock value is going to be where she was and where she is now? Is that going to be the show? Is that it? Is that what my dad has to look forward to watching? To shove our face in the f***ing manure?”

As you may recall, The Wendy Williams Show came to a controversial end following 12 seasons on air after Williams dealt with ongoing health concerns. Sherri Shepherd, who filled in as a guest for several of the show’s episodes, secured the coveted daytime talk show slot with her new series Sherri. 

While Wendy’s reps claim she is not filming a reality show they did confirm that she is filming for an upcoming project. Wendy William’s rep Shawn Zanotti said,

“It is definitely not a reality show.”

He added,

“After taking a long break, Wendy feels some of the best days of her life were in media. She has been in media since her early 20’s and wants to return to what she loves…Yes, Wendy is filming…Yes, she is gearing up for something and the specifics of that can’t be disclosed as of yet.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole