T.I., Tiny & OMG Girlz Appear At Court For Retrial Against Toy Makers Who Allegedly Stole & Profited Off The Likeness Of The Former Girl Group

T.I., Tiny, OMG Girls

T.I., Tiny & OMG Girlz Appear At Court For Retrial Against Toy Makers Who Allegedly Stole & Profited Off The Likeness Of The Former Girl Group

The case of the OMG Girlz versus the OMG Dolls is back in session.

Months after the initial court case was declared a mistrial, musical couple Clifford ‘T.I.‘ Harris and wife Tameka ‘Tiny‘ Harris were photo’d headed to court for retrial. The musicians were joined by daughter Zonnique Pullins and her fellow OMG Girlz Bahja Rodriguez and Breaunna Womack.

Legal affairs reporter Meghann Cuniff, who has covered the trial since it made its way to court last year, gave updates about the court session via Twitter, writing:

“Hip-hop moguls T.I. and @TinyMajorMama are at the federal courthouse in Santa Ana today with @Zonnique, @bahjarodrigue and Breaunna Womack for the retrial in their lawsuit with @MGAEnt over the OMG Dolls and the OMG Girlz. This is a real case.”
Reportedly, the court session resumed after the jury was successfully selected this past Tuesday (May 9th). In the initial trial, Judge James V. Selna reportedly threw the case out after testimony from a former MGA consumer named Moneice Campbell was played for jurors. In the testimony, Campbell reportedly said she would no longer purchase the company’s products because they “steal from African Americans and their ideas and profit off of it.”. She reportedly added:
“People often steal from the Black community and make money off of it.”


Campbell also claimed that “hundreds” of internet users also agreed with her stance. Had this been allowed it certainly would’ve helped T.I. and Tiny’s case. Reportedly, Tiny, who founded the group back in 2009, accuses MGA of copying and profiting from the likeness of the OMG Girlz and is guilty of cultural appropriation. In their argument, T.I. & Tiny reportedly claimed MGA “announced plans to launch a line of dolls modeled after the OMG Girlz in 2010, but failed to secure a licensing agreement and allegedly refused to discuss compensation”. They reportedly shared side-by-side illustrations to clearly show the infringing similarities.
However, it’s reported that Judge Selna had already declared that conversation about cultural appropriation would not be allowed. He reportedly called the argument “immaterial and impertinent to the actual legal issues at play”. After the testimony was played in court, MGA immediately moved for a mistrial. Their lawyers reportedly argued:
“There is no way to unring the bell of the jury’s hearing Ms. Campbell’s emotionally charged accusations that MGA has been ‘stealing’ from the African-American community…Her improper testimony cannot be challenged, rebutted or cured without drawing further attention to it.”
It’s reported that the court session that took place yesterday (May 10th) was opening remarks. We will continue to update as the story moves forward.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson