Cash App Founder Partied w/ His Alleged Killer’s Sister At Sex Parties & Was Having An Affair

Bob Lee

Cash App Founder Partied w/ His Alleged Killer’s Sister At Sex Parties & Was Having An Affair

Cash App founder Bob Lee was reportedly having an affair with the sister of his alleged killer.

When reports of Bob Lee’s murder initially broke, many people assumed it was the result of random street violence. However, it now looks like the software engineer was living a double life that eventually played into his tragic demise.

According to reports, Bob Lee, 43, enjoyed San Francisco’s underground party scene — known as “The Lifestyle” — as did Khazar Momeni, wife of a prominent plastic surgeon and sister of Nima Momeni, Lee’s alleged killer. People familiar with the group said Lee and Khazar, 37, were sleeping together. Nima, 38, — who had reportedly known Lee for a decade —confronted him about his sister prior to the stabbing.

Reportedly, Lee and Khazar had been drinking with friends at a house party. Things turned left when Nima came to pick up Khazar. According to court records, Nima asked Bob Lee if Khazar “was doing drugs or anything inappropriate.” According to witnesses at the scene, Lee told Nima that his sister had not taken any drugs and “nothing inappropriate had happened.”

Bob Lee

An autopsy report from the San Francisco Office of the Chief Medical Examiner revealed Lee had cocaine and ketamine in his system when he died.

Later that evening, Nima and Lee both arrived separately at Khazar’s apartment, before leaving together at 2:04 a.m. in Nima’s white BMW Z4. According to prosecutors, Nima drove Lee to a “dark and secluded” San Francisco street corner and stabbed him in a “planned and deliberate attack.”

Around the time of his murder, Khazar texted Lee and said:

“Just wanted to make sure your doing ok Cause [I] know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you. Thank you for being such a classy man handling it with class. Love you Selfish pricks.”

However, Krista Lee, Lee’s ex-wife, denied her former husband was a “party boy” and claimed she never heard the term “The Lifestyle.” She told sources,

“He was a dedicated father. He was more mature than that.”

She also said,

“He was kind and generous — he saw the good in everybody.”

Police arrested Nima on April 13 on murder charges for the fatal stabbing of Lee. He is being held without bail until his arraignment. According to his attorney, he plans on pleading not guilty.

If convicted, he faces 26 years to life in prison.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole