Kanye’s Yeezy Basketball Sneaker May Be Banned By NBA

Kanye’s Yeezy Basketball Sneaker May Be Banned By NBA

Kanye West’s new shoe for his Yeezy basketball line may NOT make it to the NBA court. With intentions for Adidas athletes to sport the new shoe during the upcoming NBA season, the league has potentially banned the shoe due to it’s signature heels. Sources say, the reflective “3M” heel panel will likely be distracting towards in house spectators and fans watching at home.


West has previewed the shoe via his Instagram, garnering attention from potential buyers and also the league. Although the organization has yet to formally review the shoe, sources say they’re solely making the decision to ban the sneaker based on what is being shown via social media. Sources state if the shoe were to redact the beaming reflective design, the Yeezy shoe would be more than likely allowed to be worn by players.

Kanye West

The shoe sports a high-top design in addition to the midsole silhouette. It has reportedly been alike Yeezy’s other shoes, but will be the “first-ever” basketball sneaker created by the designer. Reportedly, companies usually submit sneakers by early August with intentions for them to be worn during the first half of the season. If the shoes are expected to be worn after the All-Star game, they are required to be submitted by early December.

Kanye has not revealed his thoughts on the new setback.

Authored by: Andre Palmer