Jessie J Admits: ‘I’m Not In Love Yet’ + See Her Glamour Spread! [Photos]

While most of us were introduced to Jessie J for her larger than life voice, as of late, we’ve been checking for her because of handsome soulful singing boyfriend, Luke James. Last month, the 27-year-old London-raised artist confirmed that that the two were dating. For her recent GLAMOUR UK cover, Jessie talks about love and her relationship status, along with her ambition. Check out a few excerpts.

Jessie J… On ambition:

You get one life. You can’t be like, ‘I haven’t got a dick so I’ll sit back and be quiet and let everyone else do the work.’ I’m good at what I do, so I should enjoy every aspect of it.

Jessie J… On whether she’s in love:

Am I in love right now? I’m working on being in love. That’s the truth…I don’t want to sound mean. But I’m not in love….yet. I’m learning how to fall in love

Jessie J-Glamour Cover January 2015-the jasmine brand

Jessie J… On what that involves:

Someone who can be stupid with me. Being in love is when you can be yourself as if you were on your own, but they’re there.”

Jessie J… On whether current boyfriend, Luke James, could be this guy: