Kim Kardashian Says “There Are Nights I Cry Myself To Sleep” While Reflecting On Being A Single Mother: ‘Parenting Is Really F*cking Hard’

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Kim Kardashian Says “There Are Nights I Cry Myself To Sleep” While Reflecting On Being A Single Mother: ‘Parenting Is Really F*cking Hard’

Reality star Kim Kardashian is getting candid about the struggles of motherhood.

During a recent podcast interview, the 42-year-old mom of four discussed the “madness” of having a full house, admitting that she’s sometimes overwhelmed by it all.

Kim Kardashian, North West

Reportedly, Kim Kardashian was speaking with podcaster Jay Shetty when the two dove deep into the realities of parenting. The interviewer asked the SKIMS owner about the her expectation versus reality of parenting her bundle of children with ex husband Kanye West, 45. Speaking about North, 9, Saint, 7, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4, Kardashian stated:

“Everyone says the days are long and the years are short, and that couldn’t be like a more true statement.”

She continued:

“So, like, when you’re in it, I mean, especially when they’re babies and you’re feeding … there’s madness going on. It’s like full madness. It’s the best chaos though.”

Continuing, the billionaire entertainer went on to explain how through all of the chaos, however, she was able to learn more about her own strength. Sharing how she manages despite the extremely hard days, Kardashian added:

“Parenting is the thing that has taught me the most about myself….There are nights I cry myself to sleep. Like, holy sh*t, this f***ing tornado in my house. Like, what just happened…You know, with all the moods and the personalities and sometimes they’re fighting, and you know, there’s no one there,” 

And continued:

“Parenting is really f***ing hard…That’s the only way I can describe it…It is the most rewarding job in the entire world. It is. There is nothing that can prepare you. … I don’t care how long you wait. I don’t care what you’re waiting for. You are never prepared. But, you will figure it out, and it will make you so proud of yourself that you figured it out and that you got through the day.”

Following their very public and nasty divorce, which began back in 2021, Kardashian retained full custody of her shared children with West. As part of the settlement, the Grammy award winning musician was reportedly ordered to pay his ex wife a whopping $200,000/month in child support. In the past, the TV star has also been very honest about the struggles of trying to co-parent with her former husband. Kardashian broke down in tears while speaking on the topic, also labeling the situation
“really f***ing hard:”.
The co-parents seem to be on better terms now, however. Kardashian subsequently shared that she and West were doing well to work through their personal issues for the betterment of their children. That was before West secretly tied the knot to his new wife Bianca Censori, who Kardashian allegedly had prior beef with. Both Kardashian and West have been relatively quiet about their personal relationship as of late.
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Authored by: Kay Johnson