Halle Bailey Addresses Concerns About Her Relationship w/ DDG: ‘I’m Able To Make My Own Decisions’

Halle Bailey, DDG

Halle Bailey Addresses Concerns About Her Relationship w/ DDG: ‘I’m Able To Make My Own Decisions’

Halle Bailey is at the peak of her game with two highly anticipated film releases this year — and she’s maintaining her privacy along the way.

In a recent interview, the 23-year-old, who forms half of the Chloe x Halle duet with her sister, discussed how she works to prevent attention — whether favorable or bad — from overwhelming her.

Halle Bailey shared,

“Mentally, sometimes it’s really difficult being in this industry, knowing that there are so many opinions [about] you and what you’re doing, or what you should be or what you could be doing better. People sometimes put you on this pedestal. They forget that you’re a real human being. They forget that you have feelings, that you cry.”

Still, Halle Bailey‘s personal life has been the center of discussion since she disclosed her relationship with rapper/YouTuber DDG (full name Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr.). Despite the fact that the couple has freely praised one another in interviews and posted loving videos via Instagram and TikTok that highlight their developing relationship, they have recently been the focus of breakup rumors.

In one instance, DDG and his ex-girlfriend Rubi Rose engaged in a social media back-and-forth in February after Rose called out Bailey for sporting a shirt she wore in 2020. In now-deleted tweets, Rubi Rose also shared screenshots of what appeared to be DDG attempting to see her in person amid his relationship with “The Little Mermaid” star. 


Halle Bailey, DDG, Rubi Rose

However, DDG argued that the screenshots were fake. Bailey eventually weighed in, tweeting,

“[The] devil is working. lol please don’t feed into the lies, especially from a third party. stay blessed everyone.”

Fans recently claimed to have exposed DDG‘s supposed “burner” Twitter account, which was allegedly replying adversely to tweets about Bailey and her “Little Mermaid” co-star, Jonah Hauer-King, who plays Prince Eric in the live-action remake.

Social media users later discovered that neither party follows the other on Twitter or Instagram, and the rapper removed photos of Bailey from his Instagram account.

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Regardless, Bailey moves to the beat of her own drum. During the interview, she continued,

“It’s really funny how people look at you [as] still being this young girl, still being this innocent, untouchable thing. I appreciate that as I venture into adulthood, I’m able to make my own decisions.”

And one of those decisions is exercising extreme caution when it comes to the specifics of her private life. Bailey added,

“For my peace and my sanity, I have to keep that private.”

“The Little Mermaid” releases on May 26 and The Color Purple on Dec. 25.

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