Jacquees Seemingly Goes On Vacation After Being Arrested For Biting & Choking A Woman



Jacquees Seemingly Goes On Vacation After Being Arrested For Biting & Choking A Woman

It looks like Jacquees isn’t too concerned with his recent brush with the law.

Jacquees (born Rodriguez Jacquees Broadnax) was reportedly arrested in Gwinnett County, Ga. on June 23 and was charged with simple battery and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers. According to new reports, the arrest came after the R&B singer allegedly bit and choked a female employee at the Local Tap on Mall of Georgia Boulevard in Buford.

The alleged victim told police that Jacquees was drunk and got into an altercation with security. She also said he choked her and bit her on the hand. Reportedly, the self-proclaimed ‘King of R&B’ fled the scene before police arrived. He was later found in a nearby parking lot and arrested on the spot. However, he was soon released on a $3,700 bond.


Shortly after his arrest, Jacquees’s mugshot circulated online, bringing a lot of attention to the singer. Fans quickly noticed Jacquees had a busted lip and scars on his face.


While boarding a flight earlier this week, Jacquees took a quick moment to address rumors that he got beat up. Seemingly speaking on the viral mugshot, he said,

“Public service announcement. To all you sucka a** n**as. The show don’t stop…..I ain’t never got beat up n**a, you can’t beat up the law…Find somebody else to play with.”

Now, the singer appears to be living it up on vacation. He recently took to Instagram to share a slew of videos and pictures showing himself living his best life. In one video, you can see Jacquees jumping off of an abandoned ship into the water. He’s also seen riding jet skis.

It appears the “Feel It” artist isn’t bothered by his legal woes. Jacquees has yet to speak directly on his arrest or battery accusations.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole