Woman Files Lawsuit After Murder Charges Against Her & 14-Year-Old Son Were Dropped In Fatal Restaurant Shooting

Carlisha Hood, her son, Jeremy Brown

Woman Files Lawsuit After Murder Charges Against Her & 14-Year-Old Son Were Dropped In Fatal Restaurant Shooting

A mother continues to seek justice after charges against her and her teenage son were dropped in a deadly shooting at a Chicago restaurant.

On Monday (June 26) the Cook County state’s attorney’s office announced that prosecutors dropped charges against Carlisha Hood, 35, and her 14-year-old son. The recent report comes less than a week after the teenager shot and killed a man — 32-year-old Jeremy Brown — who physically attacked his mother inside a South Side restaurant.

The office said in a statement,

“In light of emerging evidence, today the Cook County state’s attorney’s office has moved to dismiss the charges against Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son.”

the statement continued,

“Based upon the facts, evidence and the law, we are unable to meet our burden of proof in the prosecution of these cases.” 

The shocking incident occurred on June 18. Carlisha Hood got into an argument with Brown while waiting in line for food at the restaurant. Their verbal dispute quickly escalated after Brown said,

“If you say one more thing I’m going to knock you out.” 

Following his cryptic statement, he proceeded to punch Carlisha Hood multiple times. In defense of his mother, Hood’s son fired his gun at Brown, shooting him in the back. According to police, Brown ran out of the establishment, and the mother and son followed, with the son still shooting. Brown was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene.

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Hood and her son were initially charged with first-degree murder. She also faced a felony count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

On Tuesday (June 27) Hood held a press conference alongside her attorneys and announced she’s filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago and five police officers. According to the mother, she was falsely arrested and maliciously prosecuted. She’s also dealing with emotional distress because of the entire ordeal. She said,

“On June 18 of this year, my life changed, my son’s life changed. Never in a million years would I have imagined being brutally attacked, beaten and then arrested.”

She added that because of the arrest and false narratives about the matter, everything she’s worked for “has been tarnished.”

Hood’s attorney Brandon Brown spoke on the incident as well and said,

“When a woman is violently attacked by a man, an unarmed woman, then she shouldn’t be arrested. If your mother or sister or daughter were attacked in a restaurant when she is trying to order a cheeseburger, would you expect that she would be arrested?”


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Authored by: Ariel Whitely